By Meredith Toumayan


Here we are in high summer, the cumulonimbus clouds swinging by each day, challenging the hay cutters. Cyclists and sailboats are to be seen every time we drive down to Penobscot Bay. With all the rain we continue to have, my roly-poly sheep are enjoying their best pasture in years. Maine Fire Danger continues to be “low” per the Maine Forestry Service Wildfire Danger Report, but don’t forget, you still need a permit. (

It was very eerie to see the sun glowing red through the haze, as the smoke settled onto us from the wildfires out West. Whatever your thoughts on how the current climate change came to be, it was a reminder of the stark reality of how climate is affecting our world today.

Town Office

It’s interesting to note that in our post-pandemic recovery people are definitely getting out and about, acquiring and upgrading their vehicles. The Town of Jackson’s motor vehicle excise tax has increased by over $17,000 year-to-date, over last year. Keeping in mind, our Town Office did not close during the pandemic, so it wasn’t that people weren’t able to register their vehicles last year.

It’s your town: Volunteer!

You all have probably noticed that (quite) a few people wear many hats here in Jackson. And thank you all for that! I, myself, not only write this column, but am also the secretary for the Planning Board. It’s not that I’m greedy, it’s just that there’s a need. The Planning Board essentially involves a once-a-month meeting, and some outside reading to ensure that town development is carried out according to the Land Use Ordinance. Currently  we are working to update our Comprehensive Plan.

Jackson has needs in every area: the Jackson Volunteer Fire Department, The Jackson Learning Center and Historical Society (aka The Library), the Planning Board, and the Appeals Board. Maybe some of you are new to town. New or not, please consider getting involved. We can match your time available with the area that would be the best fit for you. Feel free to contact me, or Brenda at the Town Office, 722-3439, for any further information about an area in which you are interested in helping out.

Keeping up with the wording

You may have noticed in the July 22 Republican Journal that a piece of legislation (LD 1522) was signed into law last month. This updates archaic language in the various chapters that needed updating in the state statutes governing municipalities to be non-gender-specific. We have been schooled, as follows:

Board of selectmen is a select board.

Selectmen are municipal officers.

First selectman is a municipal officer and chair of the select board.

Second selectman is a municipal officer and vice chair of the select board.

There are no selectwomen, selectpersons, etc.

Jackson history nugget

Still absorbed in the speech given at the 100th birthday of the town of Jackson, I was intrigued by our more active religious communities. In 1912, Everett E. Morton went on to say:

“The religious teachings in Jackson have always been good. For a great many years there were three denominations in town: Congregationalist, Methodist and Free Will Baptist. The Congregationalist until this church was built held their meetings in the old log schoolhouse. The Methodist held their meetings in the schoolhouse in the Clary district. I remember one of the ministers that used to preach there years ago. We boys used to think he was rather lengthy in his sermons… Quite a large percent of the nice-looking girls in town attended that church and for that reason they had a full house. The Baptist people used to hold their meetings in the Stiles schoolhouse years ago, but in the year 1896 they built a fine church at the village.”

Source: 1912 Historical Address of the Town of Jackson given by Everett E. Morton at the One Hundredth Anniversary of Jackson as a Plantation.