By Ashlie Stubbs


Hello Monroe!

I’ve finally managed to dodge the rain drops and get the grass cut with the help of Oliver and my father. There were a few sections that could have used a bush hog!

The garden is also loving the moisture and starting to show strong signs of harvests to come. Pumpkins are showing on the vine, I’ve picked a basket of zucchini and already processed them into a double batch of zucchini relish, Oliver has been helping me crunch on green beans while weeding, and a few ripe cherry tomatoes have burst in our mouths, reminding me there is simply no comparison to the taste of a cherry tomato fresh from the plant versus those available year-round at the grocery store.

Our sunflowers not nibbled on by the deer are now taller than Oliver, and I have gladiolus starting to blossom out already! Beets, carrots, onions, summer squash and winter squash are all growing nicely too. Looks like a busy August ahead!


My thoughts are with the Totman family of Waldo County and all other family and friends affected as they process the heart-shattering loss of their own 9-year-old son, grandson, brother, nephew and friend, Bryan.

I used to waitress seasonally at Lori’s Cafe in Liberty and waited many, many, many an early Friday morning or Saturday supper on Brian Totman and his wife, Susan, and many of their sons and other family and friends who would join them. They were always a fun group to take care of with their unique brand of humor! I pray for them all to be surrounded with support and comfort and love, especially now, but forever going forward.

The Totmans care deeply for and give freely to so many in our communities. You can come out to support them by attending a public supper being organized at the Liberty Community Hall on Wednesday, Aug. 4, from 5 to 7 p.m. You’re encouraged to bring a dish to share, if you can, along with donations for the family. You can also send donations directly to the Totmans at 369 Augusta Road, Belmont, ME 04952.

Worth celebrating

Happy birthday to all those from, formerly from and with strong ties to Monroe celebrating this August: Allison Pooler and Sarah Sholes (1st), Jill Jewett (2nd), Betsy Prevett-Fijol, Morgan Murphy and Cassie Dougherty (4th), Kate Faragher Houghton (7th), Antoinette Purinton (8th), Bill Prevett (9th), Lisa Mosher (10th), AJ Weed (16th), Betsy Samuelson and Sophia Tripp (19th), Kylie Smart (28th), Elizabeth Hustus (29th), and Colby Brown (30th).

New sign in town!

Ethan and I wish to thank our neighbor and graphic artist Norma Whitman for designing and painting our new sign for the farm and our latest barn venture. We think she did an incredible job, and we love our slice of heaven here in Monroe!

Have a great week!