Lilias H. Outerbridge Est. to Thomas B. Outerbridge.

Carol Holmes to Thomas J. Whitson and Linda M. Whitson.

Ronald N. Mullen to John P. Mullen and Brenda L. Mullen.

Frunsons LLC to Spillover Lodging Inc.

Jean Vitali to Daniel J. Capwell.

Dominick Calabria to Bryant Hall.

Auction House LLC to Michael Damico and Jessica Damico.

Roberta M. Arsenault Est. to Mark S. Pennell.

Patricia Lear and Patricia Grass to Warren J. Buchanan.

Derek Michael Gragin to Unique S. Peters and Troy S. Applegate.


Stephen J. Gallant and Bonnie S. Gallant to Jessica M. Braley.


Dustin Marie Turner and Clayton Aric Turner to Kaiser L. Turner.

John B. Simeone Jr. to Todd R. Goodblood.


Gerald Hagerty and Vannary Chhay to ABCC Group LLC.

Beaver Ridge Wind LLC to Clarence Littlefield and Mara Littlefield.


Connie Lyn Leach Living Trust and Robert L. Leach Living Trust to Robert L. Leach.

Robert L. Leach Living Trust and Connie Lyn Leach Living Trust to Robert L. Leach.


Gregg A. Potter, Wendy Potter and Wendy M. Montague to Kelly Lynn Spillman and Christopher Scott Spillman.


Rodney E. Downer II to David A. Montminy and Lori L. Montminy.


Glen M. Secor Stock Trust to Patrick Secor.

William G. Cleaves Jr. to Luke Smith.

Morgan Rowe, Marthena Rowe and Maggie McGaw to Lucky Liberty LLC.


Coastal Mountains Land Trust to Town of Lincolnville.

Nancy A. Wight-Bakker to Zachary Mirman and Marian Williams.

R. Michael Stiler and Diane L. Berk to Diane L. Berk.

David & Amanda Crutcher 2013 Trust to Amanda Crutcher 2018 Trust.


Min Yang and Mary Yang to Anne Shure.

Town of Montville to Cook Roxie HRS.


Dennis Fuller and Claire Fuller to Rudy Cunanan.


Asif Makani to Kenneth James Pagano and Valerie Ann Pagano.


Elizabeth Mick to Katherine G. Karlick and Greg D. Karlick.

Jane Nealey to Philip G. Marcum and Patricia L. Marcum.

Timothy R. Gardner and Diana W. Gardner to Kristen J. Kelley.


Sylvia A. Sim to Patricia Grove.

Jack S. Giguere to Benjamin M. Knight.

Katherine Carman Field and Katherine Brown Paramore to Katherine Carman Field, John Stephen Carman and Caroline Mary Carman.

Robert J. Kurek and Anne Kurek to Robert J. & Anne Kurek Living Trust,


Casey L. Littlefield to Casey L. Littlefield and David Littlefield.


Liv Detrick to Liv Detrick and Marc Coffey.

Liv Detrick and Marc Coffey to Reliable Property Maintenance LLC.

Beatrice M. O’Connor to Jason Wagner.

Martha Hunt to Samantha Maheu.

Brian E. Lemar to Brian Nieto and Luke James Chmiel.


David W. St.Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair to Daniel N. Banakos and Bethany E. Banakos.

Town of Searsport to Darren C. Cook.


Christopher W. Farnham to Mary Jane Ackley and Catherine B. Betz.

Rhonda B. Wood to Ronald E. Bishop Irrevocable Trust.

Ronald E. Bishop Irrevocable Trust to Rhonda B. Wood.

Ronald E. Bishop Irrevocable Trust to Candace B. Slack.

Ercole Pallotto and Jennifer L. Pallotto to James Osgood.


James Michael Hodgson to Raeann Lynn Hodgson.

Bear Mountain LLC to Jeffrey G. Emack.

Daniel M. Tarr to Michael Vassallo.

Jane Nealey and Jane Furbush to Philip G. Marcum and Patricia L. Marcum.

Jeannette Saucier El-Hajj to Lance El-Hajj.

David P. Staples and Margaret M. Long to 207 Real Estate Solutions LLC and Two Hundred Seven Real Estate Solutions LLC.


Albert Ludden IV to Nichole Roach and Adrian Roach.


Timothy J. Moran and Kathryn E. Moran to Moran Properties LLC.

Joseph W. Tyler and Deborah Tyler to Abel Leamer and Rebecca Leamer.

Winterport Cemetery District to Linda Nasser.

Winterport Cemetery District to Eugene Skidgel.

Rachel Johnson and Steven Johnson to Gregory M. Blais Jr.

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