JACKSON — My best friend, Margaret Comer, died at 8:30 in the morning, Saturday, June 10, 2021. My wonderful girl was born on Oct. 8, 1945, in Newark, N.J. She lost her father young and was raised, along with her sister, by yet another great lady and mom, my mother-in-law.

We had 50 incredible years together. During this great growing, living and loving time of joy, we had two terrific children who both went on to fulfill our fondest desire. They, too, became wonderful, fulfilled and happy parents in their natural turn.

Maggie lived with a terrible cancer for two years, during which time we passed through a truly inspiring group of hands and processes. Her diagnosis was always terminal and we lived most of its convulsed twists and turns in the enfolding embrace of the Waldo County General Hospital cancer care family. Finally, in the last five days, we were beautifully supported by Maine Care at Home hospice. To all those wonderful aides, nurses and docs I will be forever grateful.

Along with following the higher calling as a teacher for most of her working life, Maggie was an inspiring family matriarch and an incredible mother. We came to Maine from New Jersey via New Hampshire, where she worked putting me through my final couple of years of college.

Our first child was born in New Hampshire. Our second was born at home here in Maine. For our initial five years, we lived back in the woods, off-the-grid. I traveled a lot for work, so it fell to Maggie to hold home and family together in something like a Little House on the Prairie existence. Our homemade cabin was a half-mile off the nearest maintained dirt road, and we didn’t get plowed out in those early years. In winter she would load the two toddlers on a toboggan and take them wherever needs required. There is, of course, much more like this and so much more to this woman who made such an impact on all of those who loved her. Thank you, Maggie, I’ll love you forever.

Memories and condolences may be shared with the family at ripostafh.com.

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