July 30, 1835

Ebenezer Stevens of Montville, will preach at the town house in Belmont on Sunday next, upon the new birth and practical religion.—Services to commence at 1-2 past 10 A. M.

Aug. 3, 1849

Ship Carving.—We have seen some fine specimens of this work by Mr. D. K. Proctor, No 2 Phoenix Row. The work, we think, in taste in design and in execution, will commend itself to ship builders generally.

Fishing has been for some time the chief recreation with us, and for salt or fresh water operations, our facilities are unexcelled.

July 31, 1868

The season for pic-nics and chowder parties is at its height, and the shore of the Bay, from the Camp Ground up, is almost daily lined with parties. We took an hour from business the other day to be in at the serving up of one of Commodore Treadwell’s fish chowders at the Battery. We found that “Grim visaged war had smoothed his wrinkled front,” that the guns were carried away, the barracks converted into dwelling houses, the magazine into a milk-room, and in a contiguous apartment rows of the boiled lobsters cooled on the shelves. And right under where the guns of the battery frowned, the ancient chowder pot bubbled on its iron tripod—the merry voices of children rang, and the summer dresses of the ladies fluttered in the ocean breeze. It takes the tangle out of a man’s brain, and the jar out of his nerves to give a half day to such an occasion.

Aug. 1, 1878

Fred Pote has become sole local agent for Whitman’s delicious confectionery, and has it always at his saloon.

Owen White’s horse ran away with his market wagon last Friday. The air for a time was full of mutton chops, roasts, steaks, beets, cabbages, &c. but the dinners were sorted out and duly delivered.

Aug. 2, 1894

Early in the season flower thieves were committing depredations in this vicinity, but their work has now changed to simple vandalism. Some of the most rare and beautiful flowers are pulled from the stalks and destroyed, and the remnants left on the ground.

Aug. 3, 1911

The Ladies Aid Society will hold its annual fair in the church vestry Wednesday evening, August 9th. Many useful fan fanciful articles which the society have made during the year will be on sale. Ice cream and candy will be sold during the evening, and a pleasing entertainment will be given. Admission 15 cents. Ice cream, 10 cents. If stormy, the next fair evening. This event has been in preparation for several months and it is hoped that it will be patronized and made successful as in former years.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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