The following deed transfers were recorded from July 15 through July 22, 2021 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Alex Henry Olbert to Clyde L. Caldwell and Diane F. Caldwell.

Peter S. Farquhar to Collin Brewster Cunning.

Lloyd H. Wentworth Est. to Beyond The Meter Inc.

L H Wentworth Inc. to Beyond The Meter Inc.

Richard Eckrote and Janet Eckrote to City of Belfast.

Nordic Aquafarms Inc. to City of Belfast.

Catherine Downey-Rispoli Trust to Damien J. Turbini and Wendy S. Turbini.

Galyn M. Savage to David Duval.

Laurie Ann Pendleton to Steven Shaklan and Hana Shaklan.

Allen A. Weaver Jr., Kimberley R. Weaver, Kimberley P. Weaver and Kimberley Weaver to Laurie A. Pendleton.

Swett Family Trust to Hartin Management LLC.

Carolyn F. Heroux to Kornealius A. Wood.


Allens Blueberry Freezer Inc. to RTWB LLC.


Melvin E. Buckingham and Pamela A. Buckingham to Alexander P. Barnes and Annagail B. Barnes.

John F. Smith and Barbara F. Smith to Paul C. Doody and Kristy Marie Doody.


Tara A. Pomeroy-Kallweit and Haakon A. Kallweit.

Samantha Fife to Thomas G. Stuart and Barbara A. Stuart.


Sharon Bishop to Sharon Bishop and Milford Bishop.

Town of Frankfort to Earl Anderson.

Town of Frankfort to Robert Hussey and Nancy Rancier Hussey.


Islesboro Affordable Property to Start Fiber Optics.


Thomas P. Williams and Jennifer L. Williams to Juergen Fraenznick.

Harriett L. Whitney Est. to Steffanie Pyle, Morgan Whitney, Joy Rogers, Noelle Forest and Mica Whitney.

Dennis O. Urick and Christine M. Urick to Douglas K. Machain and Lori Machain.


Amanda Crutcher 2018 Trust to FR61 RE Holdings LLC.

Jacob A. Feener and John English Sidik.

Richard J. Hayes Jr. and Harbour Pointe Realty Company to Christopher F. Ball and Whitney E. Birdwell.

Sandra M. Thomas to Ian Putansu.

Ilene S. Aaron, Steven D. Aaron and Leib Singer Family LLC to Penobscot Bay LLC.

Tandra L. Hammer, Donte Louise Calarco and Tandra L. Cadigan to Alan W. Larson and Carol C. Larson.


John P. Comeau and Sherrill K. Comeau to Christine J. Kiley and Edward B. Cunningham.

448 Swan Lake Ave LLC and Four Hundred Forty Eight Swan Lake Ave LLC to Robert L. McGrath.


Gary R. Grant and Jane R. Grant to Cameron Grant and Aubrey Grant.


Frank L. Crabtree and Cynthia C. Crabtree to Trevor Blackford and Catherine Blackford.


Allens Blueberry Freezer Inc. to RTWB LLC.


Ruth B. Flagg and Robert H. Flagg to Robert & Ruth Flagg Revocable Trust.

Dana M. Whitten Est. to Beth T. Whitten.

Heidi Duso to Josh Hixon.


George C. Allen Property Trust to RTWB LLC.

Steven R. Gould II to S & T LLC.

Wendy Lee MacDowell to Randall J. York Jr. and Megan J. York.

Ian J. Kremenic to Carol E. Lengyel-Kremenic.


James Cassidy to James Cassidy.

James Cassidy to James Cassidy.

Kristin M. Wiggin to Christopher P. Bridge.

Melinda Frazee to Melinda Frazee and Bruce Frazee.


Timothy R. Marble to David Jordan.

Mickey F. Yurkevicz and Mary K. Woods to Andrew J. Schall and Reid G. Rago.

Allens Property Trust to RTWB LLC.

Betsy L. Bradley, Keith E. Bradley and Betsy A. Lewis to Pamela Rabjohn.


Swanville Community Church Inc. to Billy-Joe Farrell II.


Barry A. McCormick and Vera E. McCormick to McCormick Revocable Property Trust.

Haley M. Hitchcock to Robert E. Shorey Jr.

Scott D. Bellerose to Claudette M. Massey and Dana L. Mosher.

Robert R. Couturier Trust to Dashiell Albright.

Ryan Anthony Hewson Est. to Liliya Yelena Ryan.

Kevin M. Spigel and Lindsay J. Spigel to David M. Warren.

Jane M. Cabral to Christine A. Picard-Turner.


Ronald M. Mirchell Jr. and Rosamond C. Peters to Beyond The Meter Inc.


Stanley A. Russell and Elaine B. Russell to Shawn Collins.

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