Hello Monroe!

As summer slinks along I can’t help but start thinking more seriously about the arrival of September. A few months ago I shared in a column how wonderful our Monroe mail carrier, Sue Hall, truly is. I had been waiting on a special package and it was delivered on a beyond blustery February day. Our mailbox latch couldn’t compete with the gusts, and before I made it down to the mailbox for the package, it blew away. Sue kept her eyes peeled and spotted it in the woods a couple of days later, delivering it to us yet again!

Inside the package was a T-shirt we had ordered just for Oliver. The shirt reads “Big Brother” and we used it to announce to family and friends our home will be expanding in September! Our second boy is scheduled to arrive soon, and as I work to live in the moments around the farm and with Oliver and Ethan, I’m certainly getting more excited as September draws closer.

Things seem quiet and calm around both Monroe and our farm, but they’re sure to pick up again soon!

Seek-No-Further store opens

Located along Route 139 in Monroe, Seek-No-Further Farmstead announces their farm store is “officially, finally open!” Their current open hours are Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m., Friday from 2 to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Available items include vegetables and goat dairy products from the farm, along with bagels from Spark Bagel (available fresh on Thursday, frozen on other days) and flowers from Dandy Ram Farmer.

The store is self-serve and accepts cash, check, card or EBT. Take advantage of local, delicious, fresh products.

Hooper’s Orchard doughnut prep

As Ben and Belle Hooper of Hooper’s Orchard in Monroe prepare for fall apples, pumpkins, their corn maze and more, they’re also busy testing out new doughnut recipes to hopefully introduce in their farm store this fall, and have picked pie cherries and will have cherry products available in their store as well. Not to rush summer away, it’s nice to know they have good things lined up to offer us soon as fall creeps closer!

Have a great week!


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