Hello Waldo!

Waldo continues to be a great place to see wildlife. While I was out running this week I saw three hawks and one fox; two of the hawks in one day. One was a broad winged hawk just by the bog here on our road. The hawk and I both stopped and looked at each other curiously. The other was a red-tailed hawk that flew out of the tree line heading up the hill toward Wagner farm. It was jumped by a loud thunder clap (I, too, decided it was time to head back for home at that moment!) and soared out across the open property where the new red garage is across the road. The red tinge of the underside of its tail was distinct.

Maybe these hawks could eat up some of the chipmunks this year as they seem to have overpopulated in the mild winter last year and have their run of the place (stealing peaches off our tree is unforgivable!).

If your garden is overflowing with good fresh produce, you should consider taking some of it to the Waldo give and take table, which is organized by Waldo County Bounty, a local group that works to improve healthy food access and reduce food insecurity in the area. You can leave your fresh produce for others to take, and if you are in need of healthy fresh food, you can take what you need. You can also pick up some and drop it off to folks who may not be able to get out or who may be less comfortable visiting the table. The give and take table is located at the UMaine Extension office on Route 137 (992 Waterville Road, Waldo, is the exact address).

I mulched some young brassicas with grass clippings this year and they are doing great. Surprisingly there hasn’t been much bug pressure, either.

I think I’ve officially hit peak seasonal exhaustion, but I’ve noticed a shift in the light; the late afternoon and evening has a new golden glow to it lately. Here comes August, a month we must savor for all it’s worth. Around this time I start to feel a subtle longing to hold onto whatever I can from this generous, overflowing season. I notice in particular the way our homes extend beyond our doors, into our yards, the woods, the fields, and the long dirt roads around us. We exist in these spaces as much (if not more) as in our houses during the warm months. It is expansive and freeing to have this kind of space around us, compared to the limits of the indoors during the colder months.

What are you savoring as we enter the last full month of summer?



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