Rain, rain and more rain. That’s the news for this week. Shades of 2009, when it rained nearly every day for the entire summer. Back then, all my garden crops turned yellow and croaked, leaving me with nothing. Were it not for wild plants that I foraged, I would have had few veggies in my freezer that winter.

At least with this current spate of rainy days, we get the occasional sunny spell, enough to keep garden plants alive. And just maybe, August will see a turnaround in the gloomy weather pattern. At least we can hope.

Giant Yard Sale

I’ll give more particulars in next week’s Frankfort News, but here’s just a heads-up for you yard sale fans to put on your calendars. Frankfort Congregational Church will hold a “Giant (and I do mean giant) Lawn Sale” on Loggin Road on Friday, Aug. 13, and Saturday, Aug. 14.

At the same time, renowned Cajun Chef John McMillan will host a free-will donation Cajun meal at Frankfort Congregational Church the Saturday of the sale. This will be both takeout and dine-in. John says that those worried that Cajun food is too hot, should know that his authentic offerings will be mild, but he will have hot Cajun seasoning to add if you wish.

This is a chance to sample some real Louisiana cooking, right here in Maine. More details next week. If you ask him nicely, I bet John would be willing to play some Cajun music, too.

History note

The following advertisement appeared in the May 27, 1919, issue of Bangor Daily News:

“LIVE AND BOILED LOBSTERS 25c lb. Sunday we had a big storm and one of our lobster cars containing 4,509 lobsters was damaged and a few lobsters lost. I have had the car mended, but must get all the lobsters out this week…shall I sell or can you use them? Respectfully, Capt. W.A. Anderson. Penobscot River Salmon, best cuts 60c; whole fish, 55c. Jones’ Seafood Market, 49 Pickering Square.

Perchin’ prediction

Last week’s trip to Rockland Breakwater produced a cooler full of 12- to 14-inch mackerel, plus a half-dozen pollock. All is well with the world.

Weekly quote

“It’s big! Bigger than ever!” — Robert Hall, when asked about the upcoming Belfast Broiler Festival.