Pictured is the cover of Charles. H. Lagerbom’s newest book, “Maine to Cape Horn.”

Maine historian, and Camden Herald columnist, Charles. H. Lagerbom has announced the publication his newest book, “Maine to Cape Horn,” (arcadiapublishing.com/) a story of bold Mainers testing their skill against the infamous waters of this iconic spot.
Cape Horn conjures up images of wind-swept waters and desperate mariners in frozen rigging. Long recognized as a maritime touchstone for sailors, it marks the point where the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet in one writhing mass. “Doubling Cape Horn” became the ultimate test, earning a prominent place in Maine maritime history. At the end of South America, it shares longitude 67 degrees west exactly with Cutler, Maine, a direct north-south line of 7,000 miles. Maine Cape Horners were recognized by a golden earing. If they didn’t survive this most difficult journey, the earing covered costs of their funeral, should the body ever be found. “Maine to Cape Horn” can also be found at thehistorypress.co.uk.