Frankfort began mowing weeds and tall grass along town roadsides last week. This was a welcome change for me, since the town I recently moved from didn’t begin mowing until after heavy frosts had killed most of the rank vegetation, negating any benefit from mowing. Frankfort stays on top of town roads.

Speaking of roadsides, in driving from Loggin Road in Frankfort to North Searsport Road in Searsport, I’ve noticed that red maples in wet areas have acquired their fall colors. It seems way too soon. This and other signs in nature tell me that we will have an early fall, at least plant-wise.

Fishing fowl

Sitting in my office and looking out the window at the small stream that bounds my in-town property, I noticed something moving up the stream. Finally, a head popped into view, showing me that a blue heron was fishing in the brook.

I tried to get a photo of the bird, but it was just too antsy to stand still. This goes to show, however, that herons are not necessarily birds of wild areas. Give them water and baitfish or frogs, and they will come.

Lawn sale

The Frankfort Congregational Church will host a giant, and I mean giant, lawn sale on Friday, Aug. 13 and Saturday, Aug. 14, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 8 Loggin Road. Items donated to the sale filled up Lawrence Brassbridge’s garage and truckloads have been coming into my garage for storage until the sale. This should make the sale nearly twice as large as last year’s.

Also, the church will host an authentic Cajun meal at the church on Aug. 14 from 11:30 a.m. until food is gone. This is takeout or dine-in, whichever you prefer. Our Cajun chef, John McMillan, formerly of Louisiana, is known for his tasty, Cajun treats. John says not to worry that his food will be too hot, since he will make it mild enough for the most sensitive palate. However, John will supply various hot sauces and mixes so that those who like it hot can have it hot. Free-will offerings are accepted. So hit the yard sale and then swing over to church for a hearty, Cajun meal.

Library news

The Waldo Peirce Library in Frankfort announces its summer children’s program, “Tail & Tales,” which takes place outside every Tuesday from 10 to 11 a.m., followed by a complimentary summer meals program. All children are welcome. Please call or email 223-4438, to ensure that there will be ample supplies.

The library’s book club will host its monthly meeting on Friday, Aug. 27. New members are welcome. From what I have heard, this is an active group, with lively discussions. It sounds like fun.

Finally, Waldo CAP provides complimentary breakfasts and lunches to all children 18 and under. No application needed. Watch for the Mid-Coast transportation van/bus on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the library on Main Street, Frankfort. Thursday, Aug. 26, marks the last day to pick up meals for this season.

Perchin’ prediction

Fishing-wise, this is the summer of my discontent. With a broken motor on my boat and near-daily rainstorms, I’m a quart down on my fishing quotient. I intend to remedy that as soon as possible with a trip to Moosehead Lake, where I’ll fish with topnotch guide Eric Holbrook.

Eric continually sends me photos of huge brook trout that his clients take. This qualifies as a form of torture. And still, the photos come to plague me. I’m not jealous, mind you, but would certainly like to hook onto one of Moosehead’s giant brook trout myself.

Big shower

The night of Thursday, Aug. 12, marks the peak of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower. If weather allows, this may be remarkable in the number of meteors. Just get comfortable, pick a spot in the sky, and watch.

Weekly quote

Way back in 1842, Abraham Lincoln wrote the following confidential letter to his friend Joshua F. Speed on the occasion of Mr. Speed’s marriage: “If you make a bad bargain, hug it all the tighter.”