No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. It is indeed The Other Hadyniak writing this week’s column. But you can just call me Kyle. Tyler asked me to reprise my role as his go-to guest columnist. He said something about “two trials this week,” but I wasn’t paying close attention, as is what usually happens when he starts up with his legal mumbo-jumbo. I was happy to help out again, as I had so much fun writing the column when Tyler was in Germany.

There is one piece of news to share with you all. The Freedom Church is hosting a ham and bean dinner on Saturday, Aug. 7, from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

Now with the breaking news out of the way, there’s about 300 more words I need to fill, so… do you want to play a game? No, not like Saw. I’ve been watching a lot of Jeopardy! recently with my wife and 8-month-old daughter, so let’s have some fun with trivia. How much do you know about our great state?

Below is a matching game. Can you determine the correct responses? The answers are at the end of the column.


Waldo County occupies how much of Maine’s total land area?

What percentage of Maine’s population speaks French?

The population of Maine changed by this percentage between the 1890 and 1900 census.

How much of Maine’s area is water?

Possible answers:

A. 5%

B. 5%

C. 13.5%

D.  2.47%

Noodle on that for a while. And yes, there are supposed to be two 5% options.

Speaking of Maine’s water area, can you guess what is Maine largest lake? Think animals. Think four-legged animals. Four-legged animals with hooves.

It’s Moosehead Lake, which covers 120 square miles.  That’s almost as much water as what’s in Waldo County (123 sq. miles)!

Thanks for entertaining my eccentric passion for trivia, and I hope you learned something today other than that there’s a ham dinner coming up.


1-D, 2-B, 3-A, and 4-C.