Ashlie Stubbs

Hello Monroe!

I want to say thank you to Randy Hanson of Randy’s Busted Knuckle Repair in Jackson for fixing my lawnmower in such a timely manner! I think at this point last summer we were going a solid week or two between mowings, as most of the grass was brown and dead anyway. This summer, I think I could mow many sections every other day! Being a mower down in late July wasn’t ideal, but thanks to Randy, we’re back up and running to finish out the season.

Roadwork underway

Matt Brown and crews have been doing a phenomenal job moving an incredibly large quantity of dirt along Dickey Hill Road this past week as they prep the road surface for new hot top soon to follow. Oliver has enjoyed waking up to “BIG dump trucks!” going back and forth in front of the house. He has identified “white ones” (Pattersons’), “black ones” (Aitken’s), “blue ones” (Hanson’s) and “red ones” (Brown’s). Thank you, local companies, for helping our 2-year-old with his color identification!

Sunshine and More

Cassandra Moody shared a recent update on Facebook in regard to her flower and vegetable stand, Sunshine and More, located along Monroe Road.

“Each year, I have started preparing earlier and earlier for my flower stand to open in May. As I’ve begun placing seed orders already, I’ve decided to add some more shade plants to the mix for spring 2022, as requested, and cucumber plants, due to my tomato plants going rather quickly this past year! As someone who loves winter, but struggles with being cooped up inside, I’m excited to be looking forward to spring 2022…already.”

Local farm review 

Marnee and Roland Clements recently ventured over to Toddy Pond Farm on Carver Road in Monroe and shared the following recap of their evening:

“What a perfect evening for our first date of the summer. Tucked and nestled away in our little home town of Monroe is this beautiful oasis that entertains all of your senses with its breathtaking views, pleasing your palate with farm-to-table meals that are out of this world, along with a cozy, crackling fire to set the mood, all while the music sets the stage to complete the mood. Greg and Heide, along with their staff, outdid themselves again. So nice to catch up with some of our friends, neighbors, and a couple of my clients. Thank you again for a special evening.”

Electronics collection

The date has been set for Sunday, Aug. 22, for electronics collection at the Monroe Transfer Station. More information, including exact time and specific items being accepted, will be shared in next week’s column; for now, mark your calendar!

Have a great week!