Penny Sampson

My husband has been on vacation this week; we haven’t accomplished anything we set out to do. Our 13th anniversary was on the first. He spent the day putting the motor in the race car. I guess when one gets married on the start/finish line of Unity Raceway one can expect anniversaries to be race car-related.

Reporters sometimes confuse Unity Plantation (aka Unity Township) with the town of Unity. Although we are neighbors, we are separated by both town and county lines. Recently there was a news report of PFAS contamination which caused some concern from residents who hadn’t heard the other reports that the contamination was found in five wells on the plantation.

To ease their minds I got in touch with the Department of Environmental Protection. They have only tested water supplies for PFAS in Unity Township. Some wells tested positive (in the Palmer Road and Reynolds Road areas); others tested negative. They do not have any immediate plans to test water supplies in Unity. DEP is currently planning for the investigation of certain licensed and formerly licensed residual spreading sites, and areas of Unity may be included in this work.

Saturday, Aug. 21, is the 2nd annual ATV Poker Run sponsored by Unity Fire Department and UFD Auxiliary. Cash prizes. Registration starts at 10 a.m. at the Firehouse. FMI: Maureen Haley, 570-8764, or Melissa Sanborn, 416-7661. You must be 18 to play but any age can ride.

There’s been a rash of catalytic converter thefts, including right on Main Street. If you are able, you might want to consider garaging your car, or at least park as close to your house as possible. I invested in some motion detection lights.

Update on roadside mowing: Multiple calls have been made. Our contracted mower is way behind schedule. We’ve tried others and they are either booked solid or no longer mowing.