The farmstead is nearing completion; you may have noticed the frame was put up on the edge of the field. My dad insisted on cedar shingles he had, along with some other nice features and it couldn’t be nicer! We hope to have it open the weekend of Aug. 14, so please do come check it out and grab a bouquet of fresh cut flowers; the zinnias are particularly amazing this year. We are on the East Waldo Road here in Waldo, in the first field on the left if you are coming from Route 131. I’ll try to share a picture next week.

Thanks to Barbara Clements and Georges Nashan over in Brooks for letting us into their overflowing blackberry patch and to North Brand Farm in Monroe for having the best organic u-pick high bush blueberries. We hope to have raspberries in the future, here on our property.

As this epic fruit year continues I am filling quart bags of blackberries and high bush blueberries for the winter. For the first time in perhaps forever I am getting my fill of blueberries. This past week I made a blackberry cobbler and blackberry crumb bars (which also went in the freezer). With our new garage we will have a bigger freezer this year and I’m intent on filling it (pressure’s on to get the big deer this year, Sam!). I find February much more tolerable when we are still eating scape pesto and lots of berries.

It is the taste of summer throughout the entire year that sustains us; Dilly beans and pickles from vegetables we grow; potatoes and onions in storage, canned applesauce on the pantry shelves, and so on. We are considering purchasing a small apple press this year so that we can freeze our own unpasteurized cider (and put some in the farmstead in future years).

What are the things you are most eager to put up for the cooler months?

A hot week is ahead; I’m getting more serious about checking off the remaining items on my summer bucket list: a beach day at a special spot in Blue Hill and paddling on Ellis Pond are high on the list. What’s left for you to check off this summer?