STOCKTON SPRINGS — The Select Board agreed Aug. 5 to have Ambulance Director Ken Folette look into getting the town’s second ambulance repaired so it can be used as a backup vehicle. A previous estimate had said the cost to fix the ambulance would be $30,000, but Folette said he thought it could be done for much less.

He reported that July had been “a rough month,” with some 26 calls, 17 of which were in town, and the other nine in Prospect. He said having a backup ambulance would allow his department to do one or two transfers a week to bring in additional revenue. “They’re hurting really bad for transfers in this area,” and while ambulance personnel typically do not like doing transfers because that is not why they got into the field, they are a moneymaker. Folette said the department was on track to do 300 calls this year.

He wants to work toward having a full-time staff at the ambulance bay, with eight or 12-hour shifts, and doing some transfer calls would help to pay for more staff. He himself is pursuing paramedic training.

The board also reviewed bids on paving on Stagecoach Road and Sandy Point Road. Of the three bids received, from Thibodeau Asphalt and Paving of Bangor, Northeast Paving, also of Bangor, and Pike Industries in Prospect, Thibodeau’s was the lowest, at $69.39 per ton, for a total cost to pave the two roads of $144,748. The board voted to accept the lowest bid.

In other action, the board approved allowing the Public Works Department to pay a final payment on a backhoe of $26,656 out of the Highway Replacement Vehicle account. Public Works Director George Russell had hoped to take the funds out his department’s regular budget, according to Town Manager Mac Smith, but then decided not to. Allocations to reserve accounts are approved at town meeting, but their expenditure must be approved by the Select Board.

Finally, Smith informed the board that the state Department of Transportation would be replacing the culvert at Carley Brook between Old County Road and Church Street beginning Aug. 9. As of that date, Route 1A is down to one lane. Toward the end of August, both lanes will be closed, and traffic detoured to Route 174 in the center of Prospect. Route 1A will return to one lane around the middle of September, according to information Smith received from DOT. The project’s completion date has yet to be determined.

Following the meeting, the Select Board held a Community Input Session on a possible short-term rental ordinance.

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