Aug. 12, 1829

Notwithstanding the cry of hard times, our village now exhibits an air of prosperity, we have not before witnessed for years. There are now in progress of building, a county jail, jailor’s house, a large and commodious school house, a building for public and private offices with fire-proofs, a number of permanent well build brick stores, and some dwelling houses. A great number of workmen find employment in the erection of these buildings, than have ever been employed before at one time.

Aug. 13, 1852

Glad to hear it.—On Friday last the spiritual rappers held a convention at Washington Hall, Boston, Several hundred rappers were present, and declared the millennium at hand. Glad to hear it. We are not so sure after all that this world is not a grand failure, as far as relates to the creatures.

Aug. 12, 1869

Washpish. A gentleman of this city, one who loveth the gentle art of “fyshinge with ye angle” as old Izaac hath it, was recently hunted himself by some unexpected birds of prey. Under the boarding of a fishing camp on the green shades of the Quantebacook, a colony of wasps had set up their unwelcome tabernacle. Our friend having arrived on the ground and made all the arrangements for his sport, as the last thing before stepping into the boat, closed the camp door with a bang. The yellow jacket warriors made a ferocious sortie on the fisherman, each one aiming at his head. His only safety was in flight, and since that time he opens and shuts the door very gently. Proposals for the extermination of the tribe will be received on Primrose Hill.

Fifty laborers for the railroad arrived by steamer on Tuesday, and were forwarded to Unity.

Aug. 18, 1881

Twenty-five schooners were in our harbor on Saturday, an unusually large number to be here at one time.

Egg peddlers scour the country about and buy up all the hen fruit, which makes that article of diet very scarce and high.

Flower thieves continue their depredations in this city. Some valuable pot plants have been stolen lately from private grounds.

Aug. 15, 1901

The Klark-Scoville Co. is playing a week’s engagement in the Belfast Opera House before good houses. They are presenting new plays at popular prices, and giving good satisfaction. Their specialties include performances on odd musical instruments, moving pictures, songs, monologues, etc. and are all good. The company gave way Wednesday for the Pirates of Penzance by local talent. A watch is on exhibition at Chase & Doak’s to be given to the holder of the lucky number on the combined audience of Thursday and Friday evenings.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, reference and special collections librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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