The following deed transfers were recorded from July 29 through Aug. 5, 2021 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Gregory Charles Arms and Valerie Tate to Michael A. Hickcox and Alys O. Hickcox.

George J. Smith, George J. Smith Jr. and Marcia L. Smith to Carolyn M. Watson and Craig L. Watson.

Abigail J. Curtis and James A. Clark to Ray F. Dollar and Vickie P. Dollar.

Alan Daniello to Kimberly A. Adams.

Doris T. Peaslee to Melvin Schierman and Alexandra Schierman.

John Pranio and J. Toki Oshima to Alison A. Locke and Cedric S. Rogers.

Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Ryan LaRochelle and Sarah Leighton.

Leon S. Gallant and Judith E. Rivera-Gallant to Joseph Lee Gallant.

Joshua E. Oxley to Eileen S. Gatewood.

Mohammad A. Ahmed to Easkey Right LC.

Mena F. Holmes to Maia LLC.

Clyde B. Holmes III to Maia LLC.

Natascia La Verde to David P. Grasso and Laurie J. Robertson.

Peter C. Zuck to Jacob A. Puente and Cara C. Lustgarten.

Brian E. Smith and Carolyn R. Smith to Carolyn R Smith Living Trust.

Heidi L. Ritchie and Heidi L. Bouchard to Kristin Clements.


Brad E. Rollerson and Tracy K. Rollerson to Phillip Burg and Viviane Burg.

Howard W. Cobb Est. to Samuel C. Shorey and Belinda J. Shorey.

Amy C. Reid to Amy C. Reid and Christopher Dunlop.

Ann H. Bucklin Est to Rusty J. McDermott.

Linda Bucklin Est. to Rusty J. McDermott.


Leon S. Gallant to Joseph Lee Gallant.


Lauritz K. Solheim to Lauritz K. Solheim and Carl L. Solheim.


Thomas J. Landry and James F. Landry to Dan Duong and Nquyet Q. Huyah.

Bank of American NA and Ty L. Bishop to Bank of America.


Kenneth L. Shaw to Jacques J. Morin.


Virginia A. Gohagan and Thomas P. Gohagan to Six Hundred Twenty One Pendleton Point Road LLC and 621 Pendleton Road LLC.

Virginia Ann Gohagan Declaration of Trust to Six Hundred Twenty One Pendleton Point Road LLC and 621 Pendleton Road LLC.

Thomas L. Bolduc and Tom L. Bolduc to Gregory Janney and Lauren Janney.


William A. Bailey and Steven D. Bailey to Michael Philbrick.


Alfred J. Harrison to Harrison Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

James A. Baker to Charles Phillips and Maureen Brennan.

Guy Hews to Michael J. Vanderbrug and Abby L. Vanderbrug.


Owen E. Weyers Est. to George D. Andreaus.

Michael J. Cummons and Jane E. Cummons to Petra J. Simmons and Jeremy D. Schoonhoven.

Ocean Falls Estates LLC to Penobscot Bay LLC.

Bernard A. Dinsmore to Jamie Leathers.

Bruce R. Lively and Ann P. Dinsmore to Robert J. Leonard and Dianne Leonard.

Leon A. Smith Jr. and Amy Smith to Fabrice Roux and Jennifer Roux.

James A. Munroe Jr. and Richard Nightingale to David LaCouture and Amy LaCouture.

Jason Stutheit to Jason Stutheit.

Jason Stutheit to Jason Stutheit.

Manuel P. Mercier, Maryann Mercier and Mary Ann Mercier to Kamino LLC.


Dean M. Brown Living Trust to Garrett W. Gatchell.


Montville Associates to Raymond A. Secour Jr. and Donna L. Secour.

Sarah Johnson and Meagan C. Guite to Jason M. Robeson and Megan S. Hauger.


Alta L. Brown Est. to Katherine E. Tomai.

Alta L. Brown Est. to Torey A, Benjamin.


Robert Siviski and Marsha Siviski to Rachel Siviski and Etienne Siviski.


Stephen E. Haskell, Susan Haskell Cote and Susan G. Cote to Evan Davenport and Reagan Davenport.

Corey D. Tobey and Cheryl M. Tobey to Christian W. Dickinson and Stacey L. Spadea.

Ronald T. Townsley to Cody Stewart and Ashley Stewart.


Elizabeth A. McLellan to Elizabeth A. McLellan Living Trust.

Dennis Ray Cooper to Deborah Jean Cooper.

Ronald Clendenning, Robin Clendenning amd Connie R. Carmichael to Brandon M. Henry.

Nadine Cotier to Barry McKinney.

Melvin Allen Wadsworth Est to Leif H. McClellan


Michael Frederick Walker, Kelsey Anne Walker and Kelsey Anne Goodine to Windham Veevaert.

Rita Lynn Huddleston Revocable Living Trust to Dorothy B. Cole and Jonathan S. Cole.

Michael R Boyington and Nancy M. Boyington to Belfast Self-Storage.

John E. Kandetzki Est. to Wendy Joy Martin.

Richard B. Nickerson and Janice Nickerson to S & C Propereties LLC.


Mark Thomas to Mark Thomas and Adele K. Simpson.

Edward L. Moffitt Est to Jane D. Moffitt.

Raymond R. Lheureux Living Trust and Barbara L. Lheureux Living Trust to Anthony Dallmann-Jones and Amy Dallmann-Jones.


Lori Jean Pearson to Lori Jean Pearson and Benjamin E. Pearson.

Leroy V. Slagle and Cathleen L. Slagle to Eric Houston Lyerly.

James A. Flanders, James Flanders, Heather B. Flanders and Heather Flanders to Angela Bunker and Loren P. Bunker.

Timothy Sweetland and Sandra Sweetland to Benjamin F. Spencer.

Lucas W. Brewer and Shannon M. Brewer to Franklin Haas and Rebecca Haas.


Town of Thorndike to Paul Philbrick and Michele Philbrick.

Town of Thorndike to Jason Nelson.

Paul B. Bernier, Evelyn A. Bernier and Alice Bernier to Paul E. Willette Sr.


Tammi D. Simmons Irrevocable Trust to Matthew C. Curtis, Kati Ann Curtis and Kati Ann Simmons.


Jeffrey S. Bradford and Christina L. Bradford to Allison K. Harrell and Nathaniel B. Perkins.


Roger S. Perkins Est. to Juliana M. Perkins

Juliana M. Perkins to William Rogers and Angela Rogers.

Juliana M. Perkins to Rofer Torrey and Betty Torrey.

Patrick Thibodeau and Mandi L. Thibodeau to Lana Hoertz

Mary S. Wright to Melinda J. Merrill and Joseph D. Sprecher