The following deed transfers were recorded  from Aug 5 through Aug 11, 2021 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Wayne J. Corey and Emile S. Maroun to Belfast Route 137 Property, LLC.

Samuel E. Cassida to Nordic Aquafarms, Inc.

Elizabeth G. Slade to Rising Tide Shores, LLC and Lisa Newcomb.

John P. Dufor and Kathryn J. Dufor to Kathleen M. Hermann.

Briana K. Ellis, Adrian J. Ellis and Briana K. Grant to Rachel A. Van Carpels and William E. Van Carpels.

Sidney Low Jr. to Lucas H. Miller and Molly Miller.

Union District Sunday School and Ford Chapel Full Gospel to Isaac Keyes and Emily Keyes.

Kimberly P. McGill and Robert K. McGill to Marcia Ladd-Spears.


Christine Talcott Roberts and Gary A. Roberts to William J. Cyr and Martha L. Cyr.

Maury P. Hepner to Jacob Hepner.


John W, Cook, TR, John W. Cook, PR RP, Catherine S. Breau Estate and Catherine Sue Cook Estate to GML Investments, LLC.

Craig R. Littlefield and Sharon M. Littlefield to Samantha Webster.


Thomas Goodale to Nathaniel Bowditch Emery Goodale, Kate Dana Goodale and Joseph Goodale.


Thomas E. Burgess to Thomas E. Burgess, Boone E. Burgess and Barbara A. Burgess.

Stephanie Burton to Joseph P. Moceikis.


Glenda Iola Doughty Estate to Scott Bohlen and Cindy Bohlen.


Roland L. Singer IV to Leroy Keith Front and Angel L. Frost.


Joanne L McKee Estate to Joanne L McKee Family Trust.

Ezra B. Howell to Casey Engelman and Jesse Groening.

Christine B. Buckley to Jacob Metzler and Michelle Metzler.


Nicholas J. Tripp to Nicholas J Tripp and Sophia L. Tripp.

Town of Monroe to Robert Roye.

Frederick C. Brown and Clifford D Brassbridge to Frederick C. Brown.

Mary Freeman and Mary F. Wickham to Scott Ellis and Shirley Ellis.


Evan Hutchins and Alana Hutchins to Eric Romelczyk.

Bette Woosley and John D. Woolsey to Sharon E. McCullough and Bruce W. McCullough.

Christopher A. Dunn and Patricia M. Dunn to G & K Holdings, LLC.

David R. Drinkwater Estate to Steven Streeter.

Sambas, LLC to Sambas Too, LLC.


Ethan A. Dyer and Callie Dyer to Ethan A. Dyer and Callie Dyer.

Susan I. Leary, Rodney H. Glidden, Patricia G. Glidden, Patricia G. Maillet and Rebecca J. Glidden to Aaron J. Glidden and Angela L. Glidden.


Town of Prospect to Joseph Rego.


Kyle Koskinen, Adriane Koskinen and Adriane Bragg to Peter J. Landwehr.

Catherine A McGahan Estate to Harry A. Geller.

Catherine A McGahan Estate to Chelsea R. Geller.


David D. Rogers to David D. Rogers Revocable Trust.

Denise Ryan to Kenneth L Hall III.

James Burgess Jr. and Rebecca Jane Burgess to Nicholas Sevos and Julie Sevos.


Kristy L. Drew and Kristy Clark to Kristy L. Drew and Mark D. Drew

Nancy J. Beach and Lewis S. Cohn to Michael A Ardolino.

Charlene E. Libby to Richard W. Walter and Deborah J. Walter.

Linda J. Gammon to William M. Herlich and Marie E. Herlich.


Allison F. Pike and Jamin Keith to William James Ray.

Andy E. Grover and Wendy L. Grover to Allison L. Haskins, Joanne B. Desjardins and Marilyn J. Brown.


Richard Roberts and Marie Roberts to Doyle T. Bailey.

Dale Armstrong and Dale Armstrong Sr. to Dale Armstrong Jr. and Cody Dodge Armstrong.


Barbara J. Goodwin to Terese M. Hinrichs.