There is nothing so sweet as the smell of a barn full of fresh cut hay. The swallows are still here and swooped around and around our heads as we loaded it in. It’s been a tough year to get the timing right for hay cutting. Many thanks to Harold and Cheryl Moore — and all their helpers — for making it happen.

Thanks to Justin Maseychik, shown here helping with our hay bales. Photo by Meredith Toumayan

On a somber note, I am a week into my treatment for a Lyme Disease infection. And let me tell you, it kicked my arse! I know we are all consumed with COVID infections — but don’t forget, there’s a whole bunch of other little nasties waiting to get their teeth into you, literally. I am going to increase my tick prevention strategies; it’s so dangerously easy to become complacent. Stay safe, and here’s a good link with info and providers: mainehealth.org/Services/Infectious-Disease/Lyme-Disease.

Town Office

Next Planning Board meeting is Tuesday, Aug. 31, 6:30 p.m. We are working on updating the Comprehensive Plan from 1996. Tax bills are expected to be in the mail by mid-September. Stay tuned for a mill rate update.

Broadband — in your neighborhood?

Almost every week I read about other towns that are joining together to facilitate the expansion of broadband access across the state. I have not heard of anyone leading the charge on this initiative here in Jackson. But for the number of Jacksonians who do work online from home, or just want to watch a

Thanks to Ryan, who is helping stack our hay bales. Meredith Toumayan

movie without the buffering, we can all play a part. Just in case you missed it, in the July/August 2021 AARP Bulletin, they shared the following:

“According to Broadband Now, 35,000 Maine residents have an inadequate high-speed internet connection and 12,000 have no home connection at all. Maine ranks 43rd out of 50 states in broadband access. All residents, no matter their age or location, deserve affordable and accessible service. In collaboration with AARP Maine and others, the Maine Broadband Coalition launched a statewide speed test, which will continue until the end of September. Collected data will help officials determine where internet service is available, unavailable, or weak, as

well as support efforts to improve internet access across the state.

To check your connection, go to MaineBroadbandCoalition.org, or call AARP Maine at 866-554-5380 with questions.”

Welcome back to school!     

Here’s to all those dedicated students and teachers and staff who will be starting their new school year on Monday, Aug. 30. Please note, per Regional School Unit 3, masking will be required both on buses and in school. But, yay for in-person learning five days a week! Good Luck to you all! And, don’t forget to keep your eyes open, and foot by the brake, for those school buses. I think I shall enjoy this return to normalcy even if I’m stuck behind one for a few miles.

ATV trails

Be on the look-out for a newsletter in your mailbox from our ATV trail neighbors. This includes information about the people who live along the ATV trails, along with background information regarding the approval process of the permit that is in effect — and possible future development of trails.

Stamp price hike

Don’t forget to stock up on your 55-cent stamps before they increase to 58 cents on Aug. 29!

Jackson history nugget

A little modern history today. As I’ve mentioned, possibly ad nauseum, the Planning Board is working on updating the Jackson Comprehensive Plan from 1996, a quarter of a century ago. It is a fascinating read, especially while contemplating how the town has changed, how the world has changed, and where we see our town going forward, especially with respect to potential development.

We came upon this thought-provoking nugget: “The Town will consciously avoid promoting itself as a place to live by remaining as inconspicuous as possible.” P. 92, Para. 2.A.1. March 1997 Copy.

Have we succeeded? Will we continue to do so? Do we want to do so? Come contribute to your future — we have openings on the Planning Board!