Hello Waldo!

I know we are near the end of the month now (August has a way of being almost over just as it has only begun), but the final tally for rainfall here at our property was 12” on the dot for the month of July. The official totals I have seen for surrounding areas and other parts of Maine are all 9” or so.

This is only the second growing season we have had the weather station, but 12” is a record I don’t believe we will beat for some years, if ever. Who knows, though, maybe with our changing climate, 12” of rain in a month in the summer will be the new normal. At least we didn’t lose any crops to hail or strong winds (which seems like a miracle).

Sam recently noted that the growing season is almost over. It sounds impossible given how much abundance is out in the field and in our kitchen garden. I am working on freezing and canning as much as I can while preserving my sanity (which is difficult as I also run a business and take care of an almost 15-month-old).

The farm stand is up and running (it’s self-serve). The first customers were Waldo residents; thanks for coming out! It has been fun to meet new people as well. It’s mostly flowers and herbs right now. You can find it on East Waldo Road in the first field on the left if you’re coming from Route 131 (it’s the last field on the right before Route 131 if you’re coming from Belfast). Please be careful of the blind hill.

We are trying to be as cash-free as possible to avoid theft and are encouraging people to use Venmo or to write a check (instructions are posted in the stand). For those reading this online, we’ll have some extra goodies this weekend (the 21st) like small artichokes. As always there will be great flower bouquets; come get your sunflowers while they are in peak bloom! For those who read this in print; I make an effort to have the stand full during the weekends and then a smaller selection of things during the week. We are mostly doing flowers and herbs this year but are adding a few other things to mix it up, too.

That taste of cool dry air earlier in the week was a reminder of how perfect the season ahead is. I’ll be honest; I’m pretty excited for fall. One of the almanacs (did you know there are two?) is predicting warm weather right through mid-October, and then an abrupt shift and some early season snow. Let’s not say the S word quite yet though, OK?

Enjoy the last sweet days of August’s summer heat and humidity; it will be a long stretch until it’s back.

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