Congratulations go out to Arlene Martin, who last week was presented with the gold cane in honor of being the oldest person in town. Long may Arlene hold that distinction.

With August on the way out, Frankfort families and students are preparing for the upcoming school year. It will be good for children to get back to in-person learning on a regular basis. Also, the Frankfort Congregational Church will once again, after a COVID-induced hiatus, hold Sunday School classes, beginning Sunday, Sept. 12.

Also at the Frankfort Congregational Church, the monthly takeout turkey supper, with all the fixings, including choice of pies, will happen on Saturday, Aug. 28, at 4:30 p.m. and will last until all food is gone. To preorder a meal, call 207-223-9978 or 207-505-1928.

Perchin’ prediction

Last week’s fishing trip to Moosehead Lake with ace guide Eric Holbrook was a huge success. In a morning’s fishing, we boated 16 salmon, togue and brook trout. That doesn’t include all the fish that struck short or threw the hook. As usual, the biggest salmon of the day jumped high out of the water, shook its head and sent the lure back at me like a rocket-propelled projectile. That’s all part of the game. It was also my very best day on Maine’s largest lake.

History note

From The Republican Journal 120 years ago: “At Frankfort Saturday night several union and non-union quarrymen got drunk and engaged in a fight in a barroom there. In the fracas, one man, a Swede, was injured, but not seriously.”

Looking at town today, it’s hard to believe that Frankfort ever had a barroom, but according to that old TRJ article, it certainly did. We must remember, too, that Frankfort was once a booming, commercial center and a hub of activity.

Weekly quote

“The burning maples are near;

The pine is a sound like a tear.” — Wilson MacDonald