Questions salmon farming practices

Youtube has an eye-opening video about salmon farming in Norway. It is worthwhile to watch at this crutial time for Belfast. Apparently the farming practices in Norway include giving the salmon feed contaminated with dioxin and too many other contaminants. This concerned me.

I am not eating any more farm-raised salmon. People need to seriously consider what exactly they are doing in reference  to the salmon farm project, with eminent domain and all. What a classic donnybrook for this Irish Belfast. I am not buying the fish nor fishing in the effluent bay. I am considering fish as famine food.

May the wind be always at your back. …

Patrick Quinn


Where did the duck come from?

The appearance of Joy, the rubber duck in Belfast harbor has all the earmarks of the work of one of our well know city counselors. This man of mystery has done his best over time to put our fair city on the map, from the flying pachyderm atop one of the downtown buildings to leading a roving band down our Main Street wearing outlandish headgear. We can only hope that this is not the last of his contrivances to bring fame and glory to our fair city.

Ron Jarvella


Masks needed in schools

We are in the midst of a public health crisis around the world, and here in Waldo County. As citizens, we are united by a common goal. We want to educate our children and keep them, our staff and our community safe and healthy.

How can we do both — educate and protect? Most of us can get vaccinated, but children under 12 cannot be vaccinated. One measure we can ALL take is to wear masks indoors. Masks should be worn in school and on the bus by students, staff and visitors. This is a public health issue. Last year, when we wore masks in school and indoor places,  when we practiced social distancing, there was the lowest incidence of colds and flu in years. Mask wearing and social distancing made us healthier. They helped protect us against COVID. Let’s continue those practices.

The Belfast City Hall requires people entering to wear  masks. Waldo County Hospital requires everyone entering to  wear a mask. That same level of care and consideration should  be required in schools.

As Kevin Williamson of the National Review wrote, “The COVID epidemic is, in its own way, a test of good citizenship. And it is a test that many patriots are failing.”

Let us not fail. Let’s be good patriots.  I urge local school boards to  vote to protect the public health of all students and staff by requiring that masks be worn in school and on the bus.

Linda Garson Smith


Stand up for the real Maine

We had a City Council meeting here in Belfast; some people were “in person” and some were on Zoom. The pretext was to allow us citizens to have a say about what we felt about a proposed dry land fish farm that’s been percolating for a few years. Most of the commentators were against building it, but the supporters showed up, too.

The supporters cited jobs and taxes and water infrastructure as the biggest benefits to our community. The detractors cited the environmental harm that will be done by building and operating the farm, the jobs may not be that many and will mostly be low-wage, the tax break will be too small to notice and the water improvements could be funded in other ways. Our city councilors inserted the city lawyer for the first hour, then we had our say, and then they had the last word.

And, this is what they said: These issues have been carefully considered for three years and we, the councilors, have decided that the issues raised have very little merit, and that we know what is best for Belfast.

They topped off the evening by stating that they listen to the people who live in the trailer parks and the man at the gas station and that the anti-fish farm folks are mostly lawyers and scientists and they would be just fine if the rest of us all moved out of Belfast. (Yes, I know, politicians these days like to treat their supporters with condescension and contempt and their detractors with hostility; but this is Belfast, Maine, our beautiful little city by the bay that we all love.)

So, I guess the fish farm will get built, we are going back to the old Maine of mega-mills and factories that trash our environment. We will annihilate 60 acres of our forest, convert millions of tons of carbon, dump bad stuff into our bay, and rip the nutrition out of some third-world country (some modern politicians call these places “shit hole countries”) to feed our upscale fish, which will enrich our investors who will then use these profits to go to some other innocent little town and run the same game.

I am so ashamed of us; we elected folks who refer to us as trailer park people and lawyers and scientists and the man down at the gas station. We are going to allow ourselves to flip off the entire world population by saying the planet’s carbon problem is not our problem, it’s yours; we’re going to grow 30,000 metric tons of fish every year for rich people and the rest of you can go screw with your forest fires and your food insecurity.

Please, let’s don’t do this. We are Belfast, we are Maine, we are Americans. We don’t treat our planet like this, we don’t treat our brothers and sisters like this; please stand strong. In Maine we have land farmers and sea farmers who treat the earth as a precious thing. We have business people finding new ways to reach customers on an equal footing. We have thousands of fellow citizens asking the right questions about our future. Let’s stand up for, and with, the real Maine.

Mark Salwasser


Dems should own their pols’ weaknesses

I just wanted to bring attention to some events that took place in the past 15 months. First of all, Gov. Andrew Cuomo mandated that over a thousand elderly people who were in the hospitals in New York, who had the COVID virus, be placed in nursing homes. This event caused others to get COVID and eventually die. But Gov. Cuomo resigns because of sexual harassment to women, which he should have. But no prosecution for the deaths he caused?

Next, we have President Joe Biden. Because of his changing President Trump’s policies that were in place at the Mexican border, there is a full-blown crisis. Also, President Biden needs to own the slaughter of people in Afghanistan.

What I don’t like about some Democrats is that they don’t report on the shortcomings of their own. A lot of the liberal media to this day still blame President Trump for almost everything — President Biden blames Trump for what is currently happening in Afghanistan. This disgusts me to no end.

I challenge the liberal media and the owner of this paper to criticize President Biden and other Democrats in power for their shortcomings.

Thank you.

Rick Flood


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