The following deed transfers were recorded Aug. 12 through 18 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Galyn M. Savage to David Duval.

Deanna L. Bielenberg to GZN Holdings.

Deanna L. Bielenberg to GZN Holdings.

Dori Tess Hailu and Eskinder Hailu to Caitlin Owen Hunter and Bradley Hunter.

Carolyn R. Smith Living Trust to Brian E. Smith and Carolyn R Smith.

Alan R Koski to David F. Martinelli and Mary E. Martinelli.

Elizabeth J. Moore to Patricia L. Crichton and Adrienne M. Bourque.

Knox Brothers Inc. to 105 High St. LLC and One Hundred Five High St.

Samuel Grant Cushing to Donald J. Christensen and Alicia H Michalowicz.

Carolyn R. Smith and Brian E. Smith to Carolyn R. Smith Living Trust.

Richard P. Rumney Living Trust to Gary Guindon, Mary Guindon and Nicole MacLeod.

Sharon A. Clements to Travis C. Hurd.


Bobbi D. Peckham to Kristine Ann Giefer.


Evelyn R. Wentworth to Lance D. Oliver.


Mark L. Dow to Becky A. Isabelle.


Sharon Bishop and Milford Bishop to Sharon Bishop and Milford Bishop.

Scott Martin to Robert Veino.


Brian Jones and Anni Outinen-Jones to Jenna Payne, Danielle Kilroy and Natassia Mullally.

Robert M Kanzler to Robert M. Kanzler and Rebecca Kranzler.

Shawn Gilley Est. to Joseph H. Travis IV


Barn Home LLC to Long Swamp Properties.

Deborah Trasko to Sandy Elliot Randlett and Sarah Wilbur Randlett.


Robert W. Mackey and Wendy J. Mackey to Angela C. MacDonald.

Marcelle A. Rogin to Marcelle A. Rogin and Cody M. Rawstron.

Joanne E. Pease to 131 McClain Road LLC and One Hundred Thirty One McClain Road LLC

Guy Hews to Michael J Vanderbrug and Abby L. Vanderbrug.


Coastal Mountains Land Trust to State of Maine and Maine State of- Fisheries.

Edward W. Mahoney and Lottie J. Wallace to John R. Lang.


David N. Barrows Est. to Jonathan D. Barrows and Lisa E. Rosinsk.


Andrew Goguen to Korey N. LaPointe


Gary L. & Melba D. Fisher Revocable Living Trust to Walter M. Lamont.


Shannon Mayotte to Nancy Mayotte.

Shannon Mayotte to Nancy Mayotte.


Donald T. Lacoste and Margaret C. Lacoste to Alec Christopher Kurek and Alicia Knox Kurek.

William Page to Carla Lyn and William E. Page.


Kirk Sherman and Judy Sherman to Christopher David Quimby.

Joseph McDonald to Daniel Winterbottom and Yan Mei Ma.


Paul A. Dyer and Sheril Dyer to Chan Chun Mak.


John Owen Cole Jr. and John Owen Cole and Joy Lee to John Owen Cole Jr. and Joy Lee.

Alva Pollard to Daniell Pollard and Trevor Pollard.


Dawn Slaney Hill to Dawn B.S. Hill Irrevocable Trust.

Winston G. Curtis and Chanom Curtis to Katherine Loblein.

Inez L. Feurtado Est to Fin LLC.

Fin LLC to Esther A. Darres and Maurice W. Darres.


Laurence A. Borklund and L.A. Borkland to Laurence A. Bjorkland Revocable Trust,

Leslie S. Devine to Mara Gallagher.


Larry E. Newcomb and Charles Cipolla and Kimmarie Cipolla


Roger C. Hodgdon Sr. and Doris V. Hodgdon to Lynn N. Kaufmann.


Nancy C. Wendell Est. to Andrew G. Wendell.

Dean S. Pagliaroli Sr. to Kenneth Pagliaroli.


Janette Johnson and Janette Nickerson to Janette Johnson and William Russell Johnson.


Vickie M. Kimball to Autumn L. Hatch.