UNION — The second running of the demolition derby at the Union Fair and Wild Blueberry Festival on Thursday, Aug. 26 — as it typically does — provided spectators surrounding the infield all the car-crashing fun they could handle.

In the first of two 4-cylinder heats, Colby Brown of Washington finished first, while in the second heat, Kurt Hilt of Union finished first and Matt Jackson of Hope second.

In the lone 6-cylinder heat, Johnathan Oakes of Appleton finished first and Ryan Soule of Union second.

Scene from demolition derby Aug. 26 at the Union Fair. Mark Haskell

In the mini trucks/van heat, Rick Campo of Washington finished first and Sullivan Tibbetts of Appleton second.

In the full size truck heat, Shane Jones of South Thomaston finished first and Corey Spear of Rockland second.

In the 4-cylinder feature, Ryan Robbins of Montville finished first and Matt Jackson of Hope second.

In the 6-cylinder feature, Ryan Soule of Union finished first and Jacob Weston of Washington second.

Jared Drown of Rockland also won best in show.

The individual drivers and their towns for each division were:

4-cylinders — Colby Brown of Washington, Zach Robbins of Cushing, Bryan Robbins of Montville, Ben Welt of Hope, Jared Drown of Rockland and Kevin Gardner of Thomaston.

4-cylinders — Caleb Leland of Warren, Bryce Ridley of Searsmont, Matt Jackson of Hope, Jared Mank of Warren, Connor Gould of Waldo and Kurt Hilt of Union.

Scene from demolition derby Aug. 26 at the Union Fair. Mark Haskell

6-cylinders — Jason Bowman of Rockport, Bekah Hilt of Lisbon Falls, Ryan Soule of Union, Johnathan Oakes of Appleton, Jacob Weston of Washington, Nick Watts of Union and Mike Lindsey of Union.

Mini trucks/van — Ben Porter of Warren, Sullivan Tibbetts of Appleton, Caleb Leland of Warren, Brandon Lee of Tenants Harbor, Joe Young of Warren and Rick Campo of Washington.

Full-sized trucks — Shane Jones of South Thomaston and Corey Spear of Rockland.

4-cylinder feature — Matt Jackson of Hope, Connor Gould of Waldo, Jared Mank of Warren, Kevin Gardner of Thomaston, Ryan Robbins of Montville, Kurt Hilt of Union and Matt Tibbetts of Appleton.

6-cylinder feature — Jacob Weston of Washington, Johnathan Oakes of Appleton and Ryan Soule of Union.

Among the volunteers for the event were Renee Flanders, Morgan Flanders, Jason Flanders, Andrew Flanders, Allison Leavitt, Jacolby Leavitt, Kevin Sabins, Eric Reed, Ryan Soule, Nathan Hatfield, Adam Richardson, emcee Gary Grant and Union Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

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