Hello Monroe!

The road to Rosemoore is now freshly paved! The remaining gravel portion of Dickey Hill Road is now hot topped. Enjoy the smooth ride, the lack of dust, and drive safely. If you haven’t checked that your mailbox bottom is 46 inches from the road edge since this upgrade, please do so and adjust accordingly to ensure prompt and happy delivery from our mail carriers.

Worth celebrating

Happy birthday to the following Monroe residents (and one of my favorite Buxton’s employees!), celebrating their special days this September: Bob Gibbs (3rd), Mario Tribuzio (5th), Barb Dolloff (14th), Keith Nealley (15th), Rachel Norgang (18th), Ben Hooper (22nd), Megan and Michael Tribuzio (23rd), Jackie Robbins (25th), and Marnee Clements (27th).

Senior fundraising

Mount View seniors are proactively jumping into fundraising for their Project Graduation.

Flocking Frenzy is a parent-sponsored fundraiser encouraging you to surprise friends, family, classmates, neighbors or community businesses by sending a flock of flamingos to decorate their lawn. This opportunity is open to all towns in Regional School Unit 3, with neighboring towns to be

considered. Each flock nests at an address for three to five days, and flocking season goes through Oct. 17.

A $20 donation to the class of 2022 allows you to flock an address of your choice. Have you been flocked? A $20 donation to the class has the flock removed early! For a $25 donation to the class, your flock not only gets removed early, you can chose its next destination. And for a $30 donation to the class, you can purchase No Flock Insurance.

The class is set up to accept VENMO and PayPal, and flocks will be left with an explanation of the fundraiser. To schedule a flocking, email, call Amy at 592-1482, or communicate through the fundraiser’s Facebook page, Flocking Frenzy MV22.

The parents sponsoring this fundraiser and senior students thank you for your donations to support their Project Graduation.

Have a great week!