Editor’s note: Fran Gonzalez has retired as the town columnist for Montville and Liberty, and we thank him for his many years of writing this column. We welcome Ruben Widmer, an enterprising young man from Montville who asked if we would give him a shot — and we’re happy to do so!

Ruben Widmer

I’m Ruben Widmer. I recently began writing the Montville and Liberty town column. I attend Mount View Middle School, and reside in Montville. I look forward to writing more columns in the future!

On Friday, Aug. 6, Isaac Widmer and Peter Beckford played the final game of the Liberty Library cribbage tournament that began in March 2020. The season had begun normally, but with one game remaining, a lockdown was declared, putting off the final game for a year and a half. When the two contenders were finally able to face off, they did so in the Liberty Library.

Before beginning the game, it was agreed that if one player moved his pegs four full rotations, thus winning the game, before his opponent had finished three, “skunking” him, it would count as two wins in the three-game match. Peter Beckford did so and therefore won the match in a single game. He took home a prize of a gift certificate to Lori’s Cafe in Liberty.

Montville Field Day happened Saturday, Aug. 14, at the town field next to the Montville Town Office. I

was unfortunately unable to attend, but Fran Gonzalez wrote a report on it, for those who are interested.

Demolition Derby

Eighteen-year-old Isaac Gonzalez of Montville competed in the Skowhegan State Fair demolition derby Aug. 13. Isaac inherited a 1996 Mercury Mystique from his grandfather last fall and spent more time making it roadworthy than actually driving the car. A few months ago, he was stranded in Dixmont with a bad alternator and, while waiting for a tow, realized a tire had blown — so he decided to cut his losses.

At the derby in Skowhegan, Isaac made last-minute preparations and did safety checks, only to have the car last only about a minute in the derby. He then waited patiently for about 20 minutes while the action around him played out. Congratulations Isaac! You rock!

Isaac Gonzalez checks out his car before the Skowhegan State Fair demolition derby Aug. 13. Photo by Fran Gonzalez

Isaac Gonzalez (in No. 10) takes hits a minute or two into the demolition derby Aug. 13 at Skowhegan State Fair. Photo by Fran Gonzalez


All dogs in Liberty must be registered by Dec. 31.  See for more information.

The town of Montville is looking for someone to deliver recycling from the Montville transfer station to the Thorndike Recycling Center weekly. For more information, call the Town Office at 342- 5544.

The Montville Select Board is accepting sand and salt pile bids. Visit for more information.

Due to recent rain and ditching, trees in the right-of-way may need to be cut down. Please contact the Montville Town Office if you would like to keep the wood from trees removed from your property.