BROOKS — The following is news from Country View Golf Club:

On Wednesday, Aug. 18, the two-person scramble teed off with 16 teams, as the pin winners were: Norm Richbell, 3-4 on the fourth hole; and Josh Trip, 15-0 on the ninth.

On Thursday, Aug. 19, in the women’s best-ball scramble, Joette Fields, Jean Raven and Sharon Todd finished first; and Donna Short and Fran White second. Pins: Donna Short, on the fourth and ninth.

On Friday, Aug. 20, in men’s and women’s scramble, Leanne Brown, Bob Brown and Fran White finished first. Pins: James Tripp, 9-6 on the fourth; and Fran White, 4-inches on the ninth. The event is a card draw for teams, but couples can stay together.

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