PALERMO — Jamie Haskell-Spencer is organizing a public supper and live auction to help her friend and fellow barrel racer Sharon Kenney of Brunswick, who suffered a broken back, hip, leg and arm when her horse threw her during a trail ride Sunday, Aug. 29.

The event is planned for Saturday, Oct. 16, at Haskell & Sons Trucking, 1975 Route 3, Palermo. The dinner will start at 4 p.m. with the auction to follow. Haskell-Spencer hopes to get Tilton Auction of Corinth to handle the auction.

Kenney and a friend were riding in the woods near Casco Bay when the accident happened, Haskell-Spencer said, and it took more than two hours for the local fire department to get her out of the woods. She is now at Maine Medical Center in Portland, and will go from there to a rehabilitation facility. Haskell-Spencer said Kenney’s surgeon had called the operation she underwent successful, but she has a long and difficult road ahead.

Haskell-Spencer said the trucking company has just finished building a new garage after its old one burned down Christmas Day 2020. The 80-foot-by-80-foot building has yet to have a vehicle parked in it and is equipped with a kitchen, she said, so it is well-suited to host a benefit. She will cook the entrees herself, with meat from Maple Lane Farms in Charleston paid for in part through a $500 donation from Christina Waters and Larry Fetzinger of Exeter. She expects others will contribute many side dishes and desserts.

Haskell-Spencer is regional director of the National Barrel Horse Association, an organization Kenney belongs to as well. Barrel racing, according to Wikipedia, is “a rodeo event where a horse and rider attempt to ride a cloverleaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time.” For adults, it is primarily a women’s event.

Kenney lives alone on her farm, her only family an aged mother and a son, her friend said. Haskell-Spencer said she can take PayPal payments and people who want to donate cash or auction items to help Kenney should contact her at 441-1440 or