The following deed transfers were recorded  from Aug. 19 to Aug. 25, 2021 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Richard P. Rumney Living Trust to Gary Guindon, Mary Guindon and Nicole MacLeod.

Sharon A Clements to Travis C. Hurd.

Robert Christian Doloff Estate to Deborah W. Smith.

Christopher A Hubbard to Danielle E. Lemar.

Chinda Rustanavibul and Wirawan Sankla to Chinda Rustanavibul, Wirawan Sankla and Chareeda Rustanavibul.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Shari Hall to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Joseph A. Rose and Morgan A. Wade to Dane C. Hewlett and Tammy S. Hewlett.


Bobbi D. Peckham to Kristine Ann Giefer.

Emmanuel Falck and Maya Falck to Jane C. Earlet, Thomas C. Earley, Allison C. Morrill and Clifford J. Rugg.

Brian A. Staples and John L. Richards Sr. to Kevin D. Jewell and Lisa Lynn Jewell.


Evelyn R. Wentworth to Lance D. Oliver.

Paul & Lelita Magnussen Real Estate Trust to Lelita Magnussen.

Paul & Lelita Magnussen Real Estate Trust to Lelita Magnussen.


Jonathan K. Russell to Tina Maccarone and Paul Paon.


Andrew Feero to Herbert F. Feero and Elizabeth A. Feero.

Herbert F. Feero and Elizabeth A. Feero to Christopher O’Bropta and Kristen O’Bropta.

Christina Ellis to Robert James Scharff and Shelley Ann Scharff.


Shawn Gilley Estate to Joseph H. Travis IV.

David Jeffery Richardson, Ridgetop Restaurant and Deanna Lynn MacNeill to Christof B. Putzel and Carolyn M. Gregoire.


Deborah Trasko to Sandy Elliot Randlett and Sarah Wilbur Randlett.


Gloria J. Orcutt to Alan L. Orcutt.


Town of Liberty to Lawrence D. Hancock.


Edward W. Mahoney and Lottie J. Wallace to John R. Lang.

Dana R. Lear and Mary M. Lear to Kevin F. Strong.

Matthew T. Burke to Jody L. Peloquin.

Stephen F. Pease to Michelle L. Pease.

Rosemary B. Weymouth to Archangel LLC.

Rosemary B. Weymouth to Archangel LLC.

Rosemary Weymouth to Archangel LLC.

John Dunlay and Nancy E. Dunlay to Garett L. Reppenhagen and Therese Inman.


Andrew Goguen to Korey N. LaPointe.

Scott L. Story and Steven M. Story to Kevin Gray and Felicia Gray.

Richard L. Roye to Jason Perkins.

John Gibbs, Lisa Mosher and Lisa Gibbs to John Gibbs, Andrew Gibbs and Kassey Gibbs.


Town of Montville to SD Childs & Sons Excavation Inc.

Town of Montville to Jack Hills.

Walter M. Lamont to Town of Montville.


Kaylene Miller and James Miller to Nicholas Payson and Kathryn Mickool.


Michael S. Horn and Patricia D Beliveau to Delfin M. Faustino and Dean A Colburn.


Irving and Marie Drew Trust to Regina K. Quattrucci and Benjamin B. Mailloux.

Richard E. Harrington and Joanne E. Harrington to Minling Chen.


Town of Prospect to Vaugh Peters and Susan Bishay.


Peter Martin Sheff and Kimberly Susan Sheff to Breton R. Dawson.


Inez L. Feurtado Estate to Fin LLC.

Fin LLC to Esther A. Darres and Maurice W. Darres.

John P. Thomson and Heidi M. Thomson to Sarah Blankenship.

Matthew Larochelle and Amy Larochelle to Eleanor M. Hutchinson.

Alfred C. Stokes and Kathleen M. Stokes to Janice V. Kristo.

Alfred C. Stokes and Kathleen M. Stokes to Janice V. Kristo.

Alfred C. Stokes and Kathleen M. Stokes to Janice V. Kristo.

Gloria B. Smith and Douglas C. Smith to Gloria Bowden Smith Revocable Trust and Douglas C. Smith Revocable Trust.

Lynda F. Ward and Linda F. Ward to Renovators LLC.


Brent C. Clark to Jennifer Shaver.


Sharon L. Daley and Thomas Daley to Rita M. Brannan and Bruce D. Maurer.


Christopher A. Lague Sr. to Armindy McFadden.