As summer breathes its dying breaths, school begins again at Mount View Elementary, Middle and High schools, as well as at Walker Elementary in Liberty. Monday, Aug. 30, was the first day at all schools in Regional School Unit 3. Though it’s sad to see summer end, it’s also pleasant to return to the social environment of school, and see classmates once more.

As usual, the school year did not begin without issues, primarily in scheduling, such as a bottleneck at lunch that led to one middle school student being served as the period ended. But fortunately, this greatly improved after the first couple of days.

Another concern involves COVID-19, with some students having to quarantine due to infection rates. My friend Shane Goguen said that while he liked being among his fellow peers, he was “quite concerned about the rampant spread of COVID.” I continue the year with hope that Mount View will be able to function close to normal, with as little spread as possible, something the administration is working to execute with precautions such as masks and social distancing. Overall, staff has been showing initiative to begin the year’s curriculum in a functional but enjoyable manner.


The Montville Planning Board meeting has been rescheduled from Sept. 8 to Wednesday, Oct. 6, due to a lack of agenda. See for more information.

Liberty dog license renewals for 2022 begin Friday, Oct. 15.