Well, good riddance Hurricane Ida! As I write this I am looking out at her last passing remnants. What devastating destruction she has caused from the Gulf Coast all the way through New York City! All this rain sure has plumped up the apples nicely, which, in turn, plumps up my sheep, as they greedily chomp them up as they move from pasture to pasture. There are pros and cons in all the cycles of nature.

Bring home that country music!  

Congratulations to Don Nickerson on his induction into the Maine Country Music Hall of Fame. Don received this honor Aug. 8. Nominees for this award “must have made a significant contribution toward the preservation, promotion and/or performing of country music in the state of Maine.” If you are

Don Nickerson, who was inducted into the Maine Country Music Hall of Fame Aug. 8. Source: Happy Acres Hall website

interested in learning more about this organization, there is a public museum in Mechanic Falls hosting a collection of memorabilia in honor of the inductees. Keep an eye on the local papers to find where Don and his band, Country Mist, are playing next. According to Maine Country Music Hall of Fame’s Facebook page, the recent inductees, including Don, are giving a concert Saturday afternoon, Sept. 11, at 3 p.m. in Husson University’s Gracie Theatre in Bangor.

Rabies clinic

Mark your calendars! Brooks Fire Station will be holding a rabies vaccination clinic on Saturday, Oct. 16, from 9 to 11 a.m. This clinic is free for Waldo County residents. If you live outside Waldo County, there will be a $7 fee. Bring your dogs and cats — it’s a bargain either way!

Common Ground Country Fair

Canceled! From MOFGA’s announcement: “It is with heavy hearts that we’re writing today to let you know that we have decided not to move forward with an in-person Common Ground Country Fair this year. The ongoing pandemic, rising COVID-19 cases throughout Maine, and valuable feedback from our community have led us to this point. We did not come to this decision easily and know that people will have mixed reactions and emotions, as we all do.”

For my part, I am sad for all the wool growers out there who now have one less venue to sell their fleeces for the second year in a row. If you are in search of fiber, let me know and I can certainly put you in touch with wool growers of a variety of different sheep breeds.

Planning Board

The Planning Board has begun the process of updating the 1997 Jackson Comprehensive Plan. We are currently reviewing the first two sections. These are the introduction — which includes Jackson’s vision statement, regional coordination program and future land use plan — and the historic and archaeological resources section. Historic updates might include details regarding the building of our sand shed, and the new Town Office and Fire Department. If you are interested in the inputs for updating the Comprehensive Plan, please know that public participation is one of the very building blocks of any town comprehensive plan. We welcome in-person or emailed suggestions. The next Planning Board meeting will be held Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 6:30 p.m.

Jackson history nugget

One of Jackson’s strongest social organizations — with an eye toward agricultural success — was the Star of Progress Grange No. 25, organized by George Clements in 1874. There were 25 charter members who began meeting in the Wallace Mill. They carried on for over a hundred years, finally relinquishing their charter in 1979 “for lack of patrons.” Many of you will recognize the Jackson Community Center as the home of the Star of Progress Grange. This was built in 1958 after the Grange suffered the destruction by fire of two previous locations, in 1931 and in 1954. — Pp. 9-10, Jackson Comprehensive Plan 1997