The first two-thirds of August went by quickly but the last week seemed to drag, like I was pulling it behind me with all my strength while it dug its heels in the ground. Isn’t it usually the other way around, with me hanging onto the last glorious sips of summer?

Each year around this time I feel a unique sort of guilt. I am ready and eager for fall, called by the cool dry air and the earlier evenings that usher me inside where I can slow down and take a breath and find my peace of mind. How can I be so ready for fall though, when I spend so much of the year longing for warmer weather? I guess I’m just looking forward to more stillness.

A few weeks ago the road was graded. We had a rare kid-free date night and on the way back home my tire pressure light came on. When we got out of the car at home there was an audible hiss. The next day it was totally flat. AAA came out and there was a jagged rock from the grading that had lodged into the tire. It was patched but a few days later the light came on again. I took it into town to have it looked at and the tire had to be replaced. However, because the treads weren’t even on all four tires, I had to buy four new tires. The current tires were less than two years old. So goes life on a dirt road; if it isn’t mud season or potholes, it’s bound to be something!

The growing season is slowing down but there are still lots of flowers and I’ve been keeping the farm stand stocked. It will be the last week of our small artichokes, though, so come get them if you haven’t already (on East Waldo Road soon after you turn off Route 131 in the first field on the left).

What’s going on in your part of Waldo lately? Please write to the email listed above and let me know!

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