This past weekend I went golfing with a neighbor despite only counting on one hand the total number of times I’ve been golfing in my life. We went to the Country View Golf Club in Brooks. It was a magnificently sunny day — at least I could enjoy the beautifully scenic vistas as I failed to get anything close to a good drive. My friend, however, was a pro, leading us to play “best ball” in order to finish the  nine holes in a reasonable amount of time. My swing is too much like a baseball swing to be effective, leading the ball to veer wildly off course or putter to a stop fairly close in front of me.

On Tuesday I presented to the selectmen a memo I wrote regarding the status of Beaver Ridge Road. I was uncertain whether the road was public, abandoned or discontinued, so decided to do some research and see what conclusions I could draw. As it turns out, the road is trifurcated among the three options. Road law is surprisingly dense and, I think, important to understand as people move to town and determine if they want to live on an abandoned, discontinued or town-maintained road.

The special town meeting on Saturday, Sept. 18, at 10 a.m. will deal with many issues. The full list is in the notice sent to all Freedom residents. Notably, please bring your own seating, as the meeting this year is at the Public Works Salt and Salt Building, not at Mount View.

Among other things, the town will vote to authorize the Select Board to give to the Southwestern Waldo County Broadband Coalition $20,000 worth of funding made available to us under the American Rescue Plan Act. Montville voters recently passed this same measure — I hope Freedom follows suit. This money is specifically earmarked for the purpose of studying and fixing our woeful internet issues.

Other issues involve next steps on the Skidgel lot and whether we should appoint a commission to develop a town charter.

Hope to see you there!