Grateful to hospital staff

My thanks to you, The Republican Journal, for giving me the privilege of sharing my comments, diverse opinions, but most of all to be able to give thanks to those who deserve it: your staff. Helpers at your newspaper have made my life better because of your hard work. I hope I will always find the words and time and opportunity to do this.

I would like to thank Dr. Benjamin B. Mailloux, Waldo County Medical Partners at WCGH. Thank you for the knowledge and expertise you have acquired and last but not least, the art of listening to your patients.

Thanks to all the medical professionals there, all those in the offices, cleaning, maintenance and all who are doing their jobs in making the patients feel that they matter. Of course the 1950s music was to my husband’s liking as he waited patiently for me as I got my COVID shot and was constantly checked on by the nurses.

I thought of notes, candy, flowers, but then who better than The Republican Journal to handle the job?

Brenda Lee Harvey


Applauds RSU 20 mask-optional decision

Finally a school district that is actually using science and 100% taking the welfare of the student body into account. I applaud the Regional School Unit 20 board.

Making personal  decisions with scientific information is critical. We all know of the many youth suicides due to the stress of the lockdowns. Mental health is as important as physical health. Children need to learn to read facial cues for their proper social development.

The CDC published a study on masks in schools, encompassing 90,000 elementary Georgia students from Nov. 16 to Dec. 11, 2020, and found no statistically significant difference in schools that required students to wear masks and those with optional mask wearing. (MMWR. Mask Use and ventilation improvements to reduce COVID-19 incidence in elementary schools — Georgia, Nov. 16-Dec. 11, 2020)

The CDC website lists the deaths for age group 0-17 years involving COVID (does not say exclusively COVID) for 2021 as 187 and for 2020 as 198. CDC stats show that children generally do not spread COVID and have little risk of adverse effects from it.

People may not know that many European countries do not require students to be masked. Many non-masking European countries have lower mortality rates than the U.S., according to an Oct. 29, 2020, story on which also links to a study published on

This much is apparent: Control over who actually makes your personal health care decisions is at stake. Germs and risk will always be with us. Perhaps you are comfortable with living in a climate of fear and authoritarianism? I am not.  Stressing hygiene, staying home while ill, and promoting free flow and discussion of issues — all standard public health measures — is key in fighting every epidemic.

The information to make informed choices is out there, but not easily found today when even health care has a maze of politics.  There must be a reason that so many educated health professionals do not want mandated care. For our common good, ask questions, assess what works best for you and respect your neighbor to do the same.

JoAn Petersen


Afghanistan disaster

The alternative reality government of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

The most important offices in our government are now held by the three stooges (although more diversified) under the leadership of Kosmo Kraemer.

Instead of preparing for the orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan the three stooges — Austin, Blinken and Milley —had much more important things to do. Austin was setting up seminars for the troops on critical race theory and the correct, woke use of pronouns; Milley was busy looking for “white rage”  and hunting for “white supremacists” among the troops when not reading the Communist Manifesto.. Blinken was occupied with ensuring our embassies throughout the world spread the word about the importance of LGBT politics. None of them had time to develop plan A, B or even C for the orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

After the disaster in Afghanistan, Biden, aka Kosmo Kraemer, went on TV to tell the American people what a success the  operation was. Even Adolf Hitler did not go on radio to tell the German people what a success the battle of Stalingrad was because the Luftwaffe was able to evacuate thousands of wounded and other personnel. The French premier did not try to tell the French people that the fall of Dien Bien Phu was a rousing success because they were able to helicopter some wounded out before surrendering. President Truman did not go on TV to celebrate the Chosin Reservoir disaster. He actually had the courage to fire the architect of that disaster, Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

After promising over and over that “no American and no American helpers” would be left behind, he did just that and also gifted the Taliban with $80 billion of the most sophisticated weaponry. Instead of firing the incompetent three stooges who were responsible for this disaster, he lauded them and they will probably continue to spread their incompetence throughout the U.S. military and the State Department. It has now become quite apparent that Biden has lost all contact with reality and that maybe we should look for an alternative leader who can still recognize facts as they are presented to him.

Peter Petersen