As with Mount View, Walker Elementary began its school year at the tail end of August. Teacher Sharon Clark reported that the first week of school went quite well, with the year’s first assembly occurring on Friday, Sept. 3. The rest of the week was spent getting the routines and lessons established. I attended Walker in my younger years, and though I graduated from Walker in June 2019, the school will always be a place of nostalgia and memory for me. Despite my own years at Walker being finished, I will always think back on the school fondly, and reminisce when I see the children who currently attend this school.

I recently saw a white-tailed deer eating a hosta plant near my home. My family and I gathered at our kitchen window to watch it in awe, before our dog chased it back into the forest. Though deer frequent our field, the fence around our garden has been keeping them at bay. It’s true that deer can be a nuisance, eating flowers and garden produce, but nonetheless, it’s always nice to see these majestic animals around our home. For the deer, I’m sure it’s bittersweet to enjoy the soon-to-be-dying leaves of summer, before they face the many perils of fall and winter.


The Goosepecker Trekker will be occurring on Saturday, Oct. 2, at 10 a.m. The hike will start at the Northern Headwaters of the Midcoast Conservancy area on Halldale Road, then gather for lunch at Whitten Field. This is a great opportunity for those who enjoy group hikes! See for more information.

Those who have not already done so can take an internet speed test at to help improve broadband infrastructure in our community.