BUCKSPORT — As part of its efforts to establish a Bucksport Paper Mill Museum, a subcommittee of the Bucksport Historical Society has launched a Labor Day 2021 to Labor Day 2022 fundraising campaign. Contributors will be designated as museum founders.

The Bucksport Paper Mill Museum Working Group announced Monday, Sept. 13, that it has established a Founders Union to recognize donors during the year-long campaign. Contributors of any amount by groups or individuals and in honor and memory will be listed and displayed into the future as being instrumental in founding the paper mill museum, an effort begun the day the mill closed in 2014.

“The Founders Union is not an organization, rather a tribute to the importance of labor unions at the former mill and their spirit of solidarity devoted to the workers’ pride and well-being,” said Pat Ranzoni, co-chair, with Gary Bagley, of the Mill Museum Working Group.

Funds are needed to secure, insure, and prepare a facility to house artifacts being contributed and protected at a donated storage unit, Ranzoni said in a news release. The campaign opened this week with contributions totaling $1,275.

Donors will receive keepsake certificates designed by Bucksport artist and businessman Larry Wahl.

Donations may be sent to the Still Mill Museum Fund, c/o Joan Austin, Treasurer, Bucksport Historical Society, P.O. Box 882, Bucksport, ME 04416.

For more information, contact Pat Ranzoni, pranzoni@aol.com, or Gary Bagley,  garybagley3@gmail.com.