BELFAST — The course was saturated and proved a more difficult slog thanks to several inches of recent rain — which, in turn, created plenty of mud-strewn feet and legs and a higher degree of overall individual runner exhaustion — but that did not stop a handful of high school cross-country teams and distance athletes, including Oceanside of Rockland, Medomak Valley of Waldoboro and host Belfast, from turning in solid performances.

As Oceanside runners wait at the start line, Belfast athletes do a team run out before the race. Photo by Ken Waltz

In the second regular-season meet of the 2021 fall season, the Cony Rams of Augusta ruled the individual and team portion of the Friday afternoon, Sept. 10 event, but area distance athletes also performed well, led by Oceanside’s Maria Protheroe and Belfast’s Juniper Fowler and Westley Dyer, who finished among the top-five.

Medomak Valley’s Emily Mahoney. Photo by Ken Waltz

The girls team scores were: Cony 15, Medomak Valley 43 and Oceanside, Belfast, Nokomis of Newport, Leavitt of Turner and Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield no score.

The boys team scores were: Cony 25, Nokomis 43, Belfast 59 and Medomak Valley, Leavitt and Oceanside no score.

Belfast’s Meara McVearry. Photo by Ken Waltz

For the Rams, Grace Kirk finished first among 33 girls in 22:11.97 and Jacob Pelletier the fastest among 32 boys in 17:55.04.

The Midcoast girls individual results were: 2, Protheroe, Ocean, 22:38.80; 4, Fowler, Bel, 23:32.21; 12, Kassi Soule, Med, 25:56.79; 13, Meara McVearry, Bel, 26:35.83; 16, Emily Mahoney, Med, 28:15.89; 19, Jalyn Drost, Med, 30:06.87; 20, Estella Sprague, Bel, 30:26.80; 21, Molly Jennings, Med, 30:32.16; 24, Elizabeth Bowman, Med, 32:05.19; 25, Jackie Kelly, Med, 33:09.11; 26, Erin Robbins, Bel, 33:40.05; 27, Morgan Flanders, Med, 33:49.79; 29, Kylie Blake, Med, 35:47.29; 30, Kayla Betts, Ocean, 36:22.69; 31, Isabella Grey, Ocean, 37:18.44; 32, Giuliana Galizia, Ocean, 37:35.00; and 33, Lauren Daigle, Med, 38:37.42.

The Midcoast boys individual results were: 5, Dyer, Bel, 19:45.32; 7, Will Robbins, Bel, 19:58.73; 10, Noah Morris, Med, 20:46.30; 17, Cole Clark, Bel, 21:51.49; 20, Alec Rolfe, Bel, 22:29.08; 23, Atticus Blue, Med, 23:29.84; 26, Zachary Armstrong, Bel, 23:38.66; 27, Ryan Lynch, Ocean, 23:40.22; and 28, Deklin Fitzgerald, Ocean, 23:49.90.