BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded Sept. 2 through 8 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds


Angela Hill to Robert K Kochan and April Kochan.

DDA Property Management LLC to Courtney Beth Tufts.

Judith M Zocchi to Lady Slipper Enterprises LLC.


Paul E. Hodgdon Estate to Aaron Hodgdon.

Aaron Hodgdon to Pamela S. Hodgdon.


Moses A. Lidstone, Shirley M. Lidstone, Chad M. Hill and Holly L. Hi to William F. Simmons and Marie Fe C Simmons.


Joel N. Lane and Pauline A. Lane to Dale A. McFarlin.


Maine Woods & Waters LLC to Carrie B. Bickford

Kenneth L. Shaw to Jonathan K. Shaw.


John D. Creelman to Revocable Trust of John D Creelman.

Phillip T. George Revocable Trust and Judith L. George Revocable Trust to Long Ledge Cottage, LLC.


Mirta Greene Estate to Michael Greene

Ronald Aho and Patricia W. Aho to Bruce L. Laukka.


Parker S. Laite Jr. and Nancy L. Laite to Canaan Cove LLC.

Maria Squire to Jorge Taz Squire.

Winnifred M. Libby to Daryl L. Libby.


Joseph A. LaMagna Jr. Estate to Labonte Investment Realty LLC.


Scott D. King to Paul M. Whited and Barbara L. Walther.


Charles A. Newman and Scott D. Newman to Kevin R. Hall.

John M. Wiecha, Charles F Wiecha and Joseph D. Wiecha to Wiecha Family Realty Trust.


Natash Littlefield to Anna K. Miller and Philip H. Tuson.


Terry Cook Sr. to Terry Cook Sr. and Dawn S. Cook.

Jaret M. Rowe and Susan M. Rowe to Ralph B. Rowe and Antonenia S. Rowe.

Robbins & Pomeroy Land Development Inc. to Carter Farm Realty Trust.

Paul Whitney to Paul Whitney and Sandra Whitney.

John M. Acierno Estate to Brook Acierno.

Peter C. Seekins to Joseph Mathieu.

Carolyn J. Koopman to Estelle Faulkner.

Jennifer Littlefield and Vaughan Littlefield to Jennifer Littlefield, Vaughan Littlefield, William Littlefield and Tonia Littlefield.

David W. St. Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair to John Richards Sr. and Brian Staples.

William H. Bailey Estate to Douglas S. Hanson.


Mary Ann Goodrich Tr to Donna Mohlman Residence Trust.


Christopher Leon McIntire, Linda R. McIntire, Linda McIntire, Christopher L. McIntire and Christopher McIntire to David C. Miller, Kayla M. T. Miller and Linda A. R. Miller.


Mark R. Donaghy to Nicholas J. Koltai.

Chad M. Dow and Kerry Dow to Daniel Hubbard.


Paul E. Hodgdon Estate to Aaron Hodgdon.

Aaron Hodgdon to Pamela S. Hodgdon.


Patrick Thibodeau and Mandi L. Thibodeau to Lana Hoertz.

Noah V. Peet and Addie W. Peet to Diane C. Powell.

George C. Keppel and Susan T. Keppel to Robert M. Frank III and Michelle A. Frank.

Heather L. Robert to Tyler Emery and Adrienne Bowie.

Justin M. Carter to Justin M. Carter and Kyra Carter.