On Saturday, Sept. 11, a cinnamon bun bake sale was hosted at the Montville Firehouse. Kailey Spaulding was the chef. John York, Montville fire chief, and Karen York, association treasurer, managed the sales. In total, 483 cinnamon buns were sold for a profit of $500. The sale ran from 8:30 to 10 a.m., when they sold out.

In addition to getting pastries, those who bought cinnamon buns helped raise funds for the Montville Fire Department. This allowed them to make up for the lack of the Common Ground Country Fair fundraiser they usually organize. I found the cinnamon buns quite enjoyable and would recommend them for any future sales.


An animal in Montville has tested positive for rabies. Contact the Town Office at 342-5544 or the animal control officer at 242-6241 with any potential sightings of a rabid animal. In addition, be sure to keep watch on your pets and be careful outdoors.

There was an October rabies clinic planned in Brooks, but I learned from Rita Doughty’s news column that this has unfortunately been canceled because of COVID.