COVID has closed the Thorndike Town Office for a few days. As of this writing, it was scheduled to reopen on Friday, Sept. 17. If you go in on business, please remember to wear your mask to help protect yourself and others around you. I mailed my taxes in, so I guess I do not have to go down tomorrow.

The rabies clinic at the Brooks Fire Station, scheduled for Oct. 16, has been canceled.

Dustin has been talking all week about the 9/11 tribute that was hosted by Terry Clark on Radio Station 93.5’s Country Gold Saturday Night. Terry played songs written and recorded after 9/11 and other patriotic songs. It was a great show.

We are still having a great time sitting in the gazebo and listening to Dustin’s stereo. Sometimes, I turn it up a tad so that I can listen to it while I work around in the yard.

I am working on getting everything out of the garden and ready for the fall tilling. I just have a few tomatoes left, along with some weeds. The tomatoes have definitely had a good season.

There is still time to take advantage of the sale on at the Brooks Thrift Store sale this month on infant’s and children’s clothing — buy one item for 50 cents and get one item free.  It is a great place to visit and full of lots of interesting merchandise.

Dustin’s brother Alan is a frequent visitor of ours. Dustin really enjoys time spent with his brother.

It is time to start thinking about getting the old homestead buttoned up for winter. The one good thing about winter is that I have more time for inside activities. I have found no help at all this summer, so I have done the mowing, garden, housework and everything else that has to be done. I must say, I never said I am bored.

Deborah Levy is quoted as saying, “Of all the arts, the art of living is probably the most important.”

Have a great week and take the dog for a walk.