A sign in front of the Frankfort Village Fire Department asks if firefighters can see your street number on the front of your house in case of an emergency. Good question. Sometimes, seconds matter and if emergency personnel cannot quickly and easily distinguish your street number, necessary help could be hindered at a critical moment.

So make sure your house number is prominently displayed. If in doubt, go out by the road and look for yourself. It’s an easy enough thing to do, but it could be a lifesaver.

Happiest birthday

Well, I celebrated another birthday this past week and my newfound friends here in Frankfort made it among the happiest. It was so nice and uplifting to have all those kind people remember. Many thanks to everyone.

Under the feeder

Going outside a few mornings ago, I noticed something out of place. A quick glance around showed my seed-type bird feeder on the ground, with all the seed spilled out. My first thought was that this was a raccoon, since it seems unlikely that a bear would bother us here in the village.

My thoughts were confirmed when, later, I spied muddy footprints on a couch inside my garage. The culprit was indeed a wise, old ’coon.

My solution was to get a padlock and lock the feeder’s cable end to the bracket from which it hangs. Unless the raccoon is a good safecracker, it won’t be able to damage my feeder again.

History note

From The Republican Journal, Frankfort, Sept. 26, 1901: “Sch. I. K. Stetson is loading paving from New York. Mrs. E Cyphers and daughter Marie are visiting in Boston. Venus Grange will entertain Granite Grange of North Searsport Saturday evening, the 28th. Schooner Samos arrived last Monday to load paving for New York. The granite business here is just booming. All departments are doing their utmost.”

In the garden

A row of late-season green beans is full of blossoms and young beans. Even if we get a light frost, these should produce at least a few meals worth of tasty, green beans.

Chard, basil and tomatoes continue to hold their own. I expect to continue harvesting homegrown produce for at least another three weeks.

Weekly quote

“Then went I forthe on my right honde,

Downe by a little path I fonde

Of mintes and fenell greene.” — Chaucer