The ticks are back; I’ve been finding them on the cat again. It’s a little later than I expected. I picked up tick medicine from Little River Vet this week so that should take care of things for the remainder of the year. This is your reminder to check, check, check after you’ve been in the woods or fields.

It feels like the seasons are on pause and we are sitting in the valley between summer and fall. Everything seems to be tip-toeing forward. I have read that moisture levels in the ground and in the trees are what determines how vibrant the fall foliage is each autumn. I think we will be in for a stunner this year.

I’m about ready to cut the pumpkins and gourds out of the field so they have time to sit for a few weeks before putting them in the farm stand. The Cinderella pumpkins are huge (they grow to approximately 15-35 lbs!) and are hard to miss in the sea of squash leaves as they get bigger and bigger. This has been my first year successfully growing decorative gourds, so I’m excited for those (despite my husband’s annual eye rolling at the effort).

The flowers just won’t stop so I continue to put them out in the farm stand. We are looking at ways to safely accept cash now, and I’m thinking about some fun baked goods to offer when we get closer to Thanksgiving (our kitchen is certified by the state for my business, Bee Balm & Nettle).

We have been getting out most days for a long walk or a run and there is no better time of year to appreciate how beautiful our winding, quiet country roads are. I’m especially fond of the areas that have been unchanged for decades; they feel like portals back in time and I am instantly removed from the pace and stress of our modern times.

Have a great week ahead!




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