STOCKTON SPRINGS — Ambulance Director Ken Folette Jr. made his final report to the Select Board Sept. 16. He said the department had already responded to 208 calls this year, putting it significantly ahead of last year, when it responded to 209 calls for the entire year. A table he passed out to the board showed that while the town was able to bill for 153 of the 209 runs it made last year (73.2%), so far this year, it has billed for 141 of the 208 runs made (67.8%).

He added that, while Stockton Springs EMTs have seen very few COVID-19 patients, there has been a spike in the number of patients with cardiac issues, including symptoms such as chest pains and breathing difficulty. Folette submitted his resignation earlier this month, saying he was unable to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for medical reasons, but could not get an exemption.

The board also reviewed bids from Sundog Solar of Searsport, Valley Home Services of Hermon and Dave’s World of Ellsworth to install heat pumps at the Town Office. Board member Darren Shute, an electrician and owner of Shute’s Electric in town, pointed out that, while the town had asked for bids on three units for the Town Office, Sundog’s bid only listed two. He noted that there were other discrepancies in the bid as well. After discussion, it turned out that Sundog’s bid was from October 2020. It was decided that Shute would work with Public Works Director George Russell, who has been spearheading the project, to get updated bids from the three firms to be considered at a future meeting. Town Manager Mac Smith said the town had allocated $17,500 for the project.

In addition, a town resident attending the meeting said rebates for this type of work are available to small towns from the state. Smith will look into the availability and terms of the rebates.

In response to a letter from Harbormaster Dave Estes, the board voted to allow Estes to store his personal boat next to the harbor office, on condition that he show proof of liability insurance on the boat.

In other business, the board discussed the possible sale of town-owned property. Smith mentioned that Fire Chief Vern Thompson would like to look into the possibility of swapping an unspecified town-owned parcel for a piece of land behind the present fire department to facilitate expansion. He said he would like to have Thompson talk to the board about this at a future meeting.

Board member Betsy Bradley suggested asking town department heads to weigh in on whether they would like the town to retain certain parcels for a particular reason or purpose before deciding what to sell. Shute produced a tax map that he had marked up to show landlocked parcels, which he said he thought the town should sell for whatever it could get. Such parcels are surrounded by land owned by others and lack any means of access; in addition, they cost the town money to maintain.

Smith agreed to send the map, as marked by Shute, to department heads for their review, and the board agreed to revisit the matter at a future meeting.

During the workshop following the meeting, Bradley noted that Stockton Springs Community Builders will again have a Halloween drive-through event in the Town Office parking lot. The Halloween Spook-tacular is planned for Oct. 31 from 5 to 7 p.m.


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