The National Football League has two games in the book, as the run to Super Bowl LVI commenced on  Thursday, Sept. 9.

The New England Patriots seek their seventh Super Bowl title, and have 2021 first-round draft selection (15th overall0 Mac Jones leading the team at quarterback, after Bill Belichick opted to go with the rookie over veteran Cam Newton coming out of training camp.

That leads the Courier Publications/VillageSoup sports staff to ask in its latest poll: How do you you feel about the New England Patriots after watching rookie quarterback Mac Jones through two games?

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After two games with Jones under center, the Patriots are 1-1 — and one could argue should be 2-0, if Damien Harris does not fumble late in the fourth quarter close to the end zone in week one against the Miami Dolphins.

Nonetheless, through two games, Jones amassed 467 passing yards, with one touchdown and no interceptions, to go along with a 73.9 percent completion percentage.

In the previous sports poll, voters were asked if they believed professional athletes should be forced to be vaccinated.

Fifty-one-point-eight percent of voters believe athletes should not be forced to be vaccinated, while the other 48.2 percent believe athletes should be mandated to get the vaccine. There were no votes for “undecided.”

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