Sept. 28, 1855

Some of our exchanges have been boasting somewhat over the receipt of good, well-flavored apples, of last year’s growth. Mr. John Bryant, of Montville, has presented to us excellent and sound specimens of last year’s crop. The flavor, also, was fresh as that of an apple newly plucked. The scion was taken from a “natural” tree in the orchard of Mr. Bryant, late of Knox. Also Mr. B. has nice and clear specimens of sap sugar, made in this month of September,—but how, is the enigma for our readers to solve.

It may not generally be known that it is a penal offence to enclose two letters in one envelope, and that the government design to prosecute wherever they detect parties committing it.

Sept. 23, 1875

And now the great yellow pumpkins are turning their fat sides to the sun to acquire a mellowness for transformation into pies.

Friday’s storm — a south-easter — swept the beach on this side of the bay as clean as a floor, throwing all the drift stuff far above ordinary high-water mark. It was the highest tide for years.

There are now twenty-six dwelling houses on Bay View street, all built since it was laid out two years ago. Every lot but one, as far as the same has been graded, has been built upon. The street should be extended along the shore as far as Allyne, with cross ways from High and Union. The building lots in that vicinity are very desirable, and it is believed would be quickly occupied. A petition should be presented to the city government.

Sept. 26, 1895

The private school at Citypoint began last Monday with an attendance of 17 pupils. Application has been made for admission of scholars from outside the district. The school is under the instruction of Miss Paul and is progressing finely.

Miss Lizzie K. Robbins of this city, who has been collecting stamps for only two years, now has 70,000. She has 700 different kinds, including some that are very odd and interesting. The catalogued prices of some these stamps make her collection very valuable. She is much interested in the task and receives a new kind with great pleasure.

Sept. 28, 1905

The Patrician Shoe exhibit in N. C. Matthews’ window is attracting much attention. Skins of various grades and shades are displayed; some of them used as a foundation for burnt work. The typical Gibson head on a brown skin, is specially attractive.

Sept. 24, 1925

Through the enterprise of Cooper & Company, home owners of Belfast will have an opportunity of studying in detail blue-print form, the beautiful interior panel schemes which contribute so much of the distinctive charm of period rooms. The new service is called the Upson Blue Book and consists of an amazing collection of full-size blue prints of different types of paneled rooms, a host of suggestions for interior trim and decoration, and a wealth of other ideas for renewing and beautifying interiors everywhere. The public is invited to inspect the book.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, reference & special collections librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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