BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from Sept. 9 to Sept 15 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Jacqueline Robb to Jacqueline Robb 2015 Trust.

Mark M. White and Susan J. White to Jeff R. Libby and Koren L. Libby.

Ira David Seekins Estate to Roland Ira Seekins.

Roland Ira Seekins to Roland Ira Seekins and Brianne Seekins.

126 Church Street LLC and One Hundred Twently Six Church Street LLC to Cannon Fodder LLC.

Bruce E. MacMakin to Rose-Marie Bologna Testamentary Trust.

Martha M. Harriman and Delmar N. Harriman to Michael P. Parolin.

State Sand & Gravel Inc. to Shane Grindle, Danika Grindle and Craige Grindle.

Jessica Ann Place to Nathan Nolting and Caitlin Dowd.

Susan W. Simonson to 33HVT LLC and Thirtythreehvt LLC.

James Jacobson Living Trust to Ash Inglenook and Neale Inglenook.


Douglas J. Littlefield and Susan M. Littlefield to Susan M. Littlefield Living Trust.


James M. Cluney to Ramona Nevells and George J. Cluney.


Betty A. Davidson 1994 Trust to Nancy Clarke and Phillip White.


Jason R. Stenta and Inga F. Stenta to Inga F. Stenta.

Paula K. Mirk, Juan M. J. Coronado, Mary Shonach Mirk-Robles, Shonach Mirk-Robles and Shonach Mirk to Keith L. Pendleton and Tina L. Pendleton.

Donald P. Etchison to Michael Clayton.

Meister Irrevocable Trust to Jennifer M. Whitlow Revocable Trust.

Meister Irrevocable Trust to Jennifer M. Whitlow Revocable Trust.

Paul F. Mickey Jr. Trust to Jennifer M. Whitlow Revocable Trust.

Bruce & Karen Claflin Family Trust to Elton Bryson Stephens III and Zoe Leath Stephens.


Scott Finley, Lisa Finley and Lisa Cyr to Patricia J. Grenda.


Mila C. Webster and Mila C. Lynch to Garrett Smith.


Danny J. McGovern and Carol McGovern to Matthew Weber and Mary Weber.

Pierina Ames and Curt C. Ames to Lauren Ard, Warren H. Ard II and Muriel Maxwell Nelson.

Town of Liberty to David St. Clair.


Todd A. Bowman to Breanna R. Adkins-Bowman.

Kathleen C. Yorks to Bruce T. Craven.

Suzanna B. Thomas to Ramiro De Acevedo Ramos and Nicole De Acevedo Ramos.

Everett L. Fizer to Fizer Family Irrevocable Trust.


David S. Gordon Sr, Kathleen E. Garrold and Kathleen Gordon to David S. Gordon Sr.


Esther M. Mathieson Estate to Gregory Mathieson.


Kyffin H. Dolliver to Charles Alexander McCaffree, Catherine Durkin and Donna Casale Durkin.


Edithe A. Fulton to David R. Martin and Christie Lombardo-Martin.

Shed Solutions LLC to Jason Stubbs.

Alfred R. Howard to Nicholas A. Smith Sr. and Julie M. Smith.

Barbara Berry to Justin Stickney.


Craig A. Poulin and Tracy J. Poulin to Wing Finance LLC.

Jean L. Dalessio and Lewis Dalessio to SPD LLC.


Stacey Beall and Brandon Wetzel to Brianna Mae Cox and Isaac River Cox


Stephen Kirkpatrick to Melissa L. Kelley.


Linda W. Harris and Julie A. Jenkins to Colleen E. Bailey and Edward R. Bailey.

David W. St. Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair to John Richards Sr. and Brian Staples.


Charles W. West Estate to Edgar Merrithew and Dolores Merrithew.

David A. Bennett to Matthew D. Brown.


John T. Griffo to Ginger A. Cazan


Della Ronco to Robin Clendenning and Ronald Clendenning.


Clifford Johnson Estate to Tom Byron and Dawn Byron.


Jeffrey A. Bauer and Kelley L. Bauer to Ryan Parsons.

William R. Conroy and Marjorie L. Conroy to Ryan Parsons.

Kathy Young and Kathy Bagley to Dennis Jones and Cynthia Jones.

Richard E. Chase and Joyce M. Chase to Ronnie E. Chase and Susan M. Chase.


Lyra M. Hall to Ralph Lombardi and Gail Lombardi.

Loretta Solak to Loretta Solak and James V. Braley.

Peter Wheeler Downey Estate to Sid The Kid LLC.

Chester G. Truitt Jr. to Vauna Haza.

Waylon H. Shibles and Randi L. Shibles to Michael C. Metivier and Bruce A. Metivier.