This week I walked a big loop beginning on the road and finishing on the railroad tracks. I love having the railroad tracks cut through our neighborhood; it’s such a quiet, removed place to see wildlife and to disconnect. It’s also a favorite place to ski, which I know other Waldo residents enjoy as well. I saw moose tracks (how fun it would be to see a moose here), jumped two deer, and saw a big fluffy fox cross the tracks. I guess I’m not the only one who enjoys the space and solitude.

Carolyn Zachary told me that they recently lost a chicken to a local bobcat. They’ve had trouble with coyotes, foxes, and hawks going after their chickens, but never a bobcat. They saw a different bobcat a few days later, so it might be a family. They’re keeping their chickens penned now.

I see a lot of bobcat activity in the winter, since I do some back country skiing here. While they’re beautiful, it is nerve-wracking when you have pets to worry about. I think Waldo must be a good place to be if you’re a bobcat, as I’ve heard from others about activity around town.

I heard that all the land clearing going on across from Tom Wagner’s place on the hill on East Waldo Road is for a solar farm. I used to manage these types of energy projects for Belfast and supported other towns around the state as well, so I’m excited to see a project in our own town, instead of something like a big subdivision. As our state converts to a healthier, more reliable energy grid with more renewable energy, it should stabilize the volatile price increases we’ve had from CMP and help to minimize the climate impacts that we can see right here in Waldo each year.

The farm stand will start slowing down with flowers and herbs until the autumn crops and goods are ready.

Have a great week ahead; I hope you’re enjoying these lovely breezy fall days here in quiet Waldo.



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