BELFAST — City Council voted to approve $5,000 to go toward Stephen Mathieson’s burial expenses after the city employee died Sept. 9 when he fell from a dump truck and hit his head. He worked for the city’s Public Works Department for nearly 20 years, according to City Manager Erin Herbig.

Mathieson’s family asked that the city might make a donation to the Belfast Soup Kitchen on his behalf. The Public Works crew requested that a part of the Rail Trail be dedicated in his honor because he frequently mowed it.

Councilors decided to wait until a future date to decide how much to give the Soup Kitchen on his behalf and to decide about which part of the Rail Trail should be dedicated to Mathieson.

The Montville man was pronounced dead at Waldo County General Hospital after the accident. Councilors shared condolences about losing the city employee at their Sept. 21 meeting.

Councilor Mike Hurley said Mathieson would bring people into town to show them the roads he plowed because he was proud of his work. The councilor said Mathieson’s family spoke very highly of him and with much affection at his funeral.

Mayor Eric Sanders said Mathieson was an unsung hero who took pride in his work and did his job morally and ethically.

“It’s been a seismic time for us as human being working for the city and all of those people are family to us and we mourn the loss of one of ours and we will be looking at appropriate recognition of course with time but we are all still grieving and it was a horrific loss for the community and especially hit our public works staff and us very hard,” Sanders said.

Herbig said Mathieson was a dedicated city employee and family man. “Throughout the length of his service he demonstrated immeasurable pride, care and investment in the community,” she said. “… The loss of Steve leaves an incredible hole in our community that will be impossible to fill. His presence and service to the city of Belfast was treasure to us all that will not be forgotten. Thank you, Steve, for your incredible service and positive impacts that you place don so many, you will be missed greatly.”