Sept. 30, 1842

Bathing.— We are somewhat surprised at learning that the excellent bathing establishment of Mr. Merrill’s is but seldom visited by our townsmen and others. It is but a few weeks old, and is still a novelty, which in many places would continue for a year at least. If our towns people would consult their health, they would pay a weekly visit to it, if not more often, and find the money thus expended repaid to them many fold. There has been some expense in fitting it up, and we shall much regret if the enterprising proprietor shall lose by this example of his public spirit. The baths will be open on Friday and Saturday of this week, when strangers in town can be accommodated; and after that time, we regret to hear, if there is not more encouragement, the baths will either be seldom open to the public, or entirely closed.

Oct. 3, 1862

A man in Massachusetts believes that the humming bird is not a bird, but a moth, hatched from a grub, like a butterfly. Exceedingly doubtful theory.

Wool is now higher than it has been for forty-four years. This is owing to the large demand for army goods and to the advanced price of cotton.

Oct. 5, 1882

The Comet.—Those who have not seen the comet should make it a point to rise between four and five to look in the morning and behold the most beautiful spectacle which ever adorned the sky. It can be seen a few degrees south of the point where the sun rises. The nucleus or head is nearly as bright as a star of the first magnitude, while its sweeping fall reaches one fourth of the distance from the horizon or the zenith. The sight is worth remaining up all night to see.

Oct. 2, 1902

A general repairing of the wharves is in progress in Belfast. Early in the season the Lewis and Lane wharves were overhauled; later the Marshall wharf was put in through repair and now the Woods & Shales and Swan & Sibley Co. wharves are undergoing repairs.

The Belfast Machine & Foundry Co. has had a large run of work this season. There is a marked increase in the amount of vessel and yacht work.

Oct. 5, 1922

It is expected that another series of dances will be held this winter by the members of the Belfast Dancing Club and it is hoped to commence sometime in October. These dances, under the directed of a committee of men, were especially enjoyed last season, and by beginning early it may be possible to hold two series this year.

The work of redecorating and refurnishing the lodge rooms in Masonic Temple is practically completed and presents a very handsome appearance. The hangings, upholstery, etc., are in blue velvet and blend with the new carpet and rugs. The anterooms and banquet hall have also been renovated.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, reference & special collections librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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